Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vibrating cat

I live with two cats. In December we've been roommates/housemates for four years. I adopted them from an organisation specialized in helping abandoned cats finding new homes. My two cats, Skorpan and JumJum, were found with five other kittens in a cardboard box in a garbage dumpster. The box was taped shut.

Skorpan and JumJum are brothers and both are black and white. JumJum is unusually white to be a black and white cat. He's bigger than his brother but Skorpan bosses him around quite a lot. Skorpan is the more playful of the two and will not give up if he wants to play with his brother. He'll stand there smacking JumJum's head with a paw until JumJum starts chasing him. Or he'll sneak around where JumJum lies and suddenly attack him with full force. If JumJum doesn't get up to run after him or doesn't wrestle back, Skorpan will return.

When I sit down on the cough at night, Skorpan is the one that's in my lap within two minutes. (If I ever knit you something and you find cat hair in it, it's most likely from Skorpan...) In the mornings however, JumJum is the one following me around. As soon as I've finished my breakfast he's there trying to get up on my lap. When I'm in the bathroom, he's the one coming in to see what I'm doing. He'll let me know if he thinks I don't stroke him enough while I'm washing my face and glasses...

A couple of years ago, I got into the habit of sitting down when I brush my teeth. JumJum makes sure to get up. Earlier this year I got myself an electrical toothbrush (a thank you/bribe for accepting to be part of a dental research project) and JumJum was not happy about it. The buzzying sound scared him and he didn't dare joining me in the bathroom. At first he stayed far away from it but then curiousity won and he came closer. I'd see his face poking in through the open door. And then one paw. And then another one. I think it took him a week or two to get back onto my lap.

And now... If he's not in the bathroom when I start the toothbrush he comes running. He looooves the buzzying toothbrush. He won't actually touch the toothbrush itself, but he'll keep his head against my hand and get the vibrations through me. He'll purr and purr and press his head against my hand. His eyes will either be closed or he'll gaze lovingly at me with his eyes semi-open. He's not a belly rubbing-lover of a cat and he doesn't really like getting wet, but when I'm in charge of the toothbrush he'll let me do (almost) anything I want. I can rub his belly and he'll happily turn over on his back so I can reach. But he still keeps his head against my hand... I can even give him "baths" by wetting my non-toothbrush-holding-hand (usually my left one) and stroke him clean. I can work against his fur and really get the water in there so I can catch loose hairs and dust. And he's just lying there with his head against my vibrating hand.

Would this be a cat orgasm?

(If you wonder about their names; they are both names of carachters in Astrid Lindgren's novels. Skorpan is one of the main carachters in The Brothers Lionheart. In English he's called Rusky. JumJum is one of the boys in Mio, my Mio. His carachter is played by Christian Bale in a movie from 1987.)


Wendie said...

Kitties are so funny. I love seeing pictures of Skorpan and JumJum. I'm going to come over to Sweden and cat-nap them :shifty:

ekittie said...

Awww, what cute kitties! Neat names too. :hug:

essjay said...

Your cats are the best! What a great story about the oddites all pets have!