Monday, September 3, 2007

Sudden wake up

My alarm went off at 530am today. First day back in the office after weeks of vacation. And I had my mind set on doing yoga asanas for an hour before getting my shower and breakfast. Can you guess how weak my body was after being sick? :( But over all, it felt good actually doing the asanas in the morning as I had intended. My plan is to do that once or twice a week.

My desk was surprisingly empty when I came to work. And I only had 40 new emails in my inbox. Quite happy about that.


I've been a member on a forum for almost two years and up until a couple of months ago, I felt great about being there. I liked the people. I liked the topic. I liked the atmosphere. But then something happened. I don't know if I changed. Or if they changed. Or if it changed. But something was different.

I felt like leaving. Didn't have the energy to get involved in things on the forum and I couldn't keep up as I wanted to. Posting didn't feel the same. So, I found myself thinking about starting my own blog. Again. 'Cause I've had blogs before. Or other online diaries. And I've loved them. Until something has made me change my mind. And that something has kept me blogfree/blogless for a long time now. Haven't had the guts to start a new one.

But during my vacation I changed my mind. And I started this blog. After a lot of thinking... Swedish or English? Or both? Topic related or general? Open to anyone or invites only?

Today I logged in on the forum I mentioned before. And I found that things had changed during my abscence (vacation without Internet access). Friends of mine had been hurt. A lot of feelings had been stirred up. And there seems to be a mass emigration from the forum. From the part where I am/was most active.

I see it as a sign. This blog was created to come to use. And now it will. In English. About things that I like to write about. And open to anyone.

If you're just here for the knitting, I'll have to ask you to use the label function. I will post about yoga. I will post about books. I will post about my cats. I will post about things that happen to me or things I think about. You probably won't find much about my boyfriend here, but that is just to "protect" him. He's not forgotten. :)



DotMom (a.k.a. Julie) said...

Hi, Anna!! I just saw your post here & realized that you did see what was going on! Good to see you here, at least!! {hug}

Geek Knitter said...

Hej Anna! Thanks so much for sending me this link. I'm a little sad about the forum, but I think it's time I moved on. Did you feel better in time for your Knit-Together?

Anna said...

Yes, I did feel better on Saturday so the Knit-Together took place. And we all loved it!!! They all asked for another one. :) We'll see when that happens!