Friday, September 7, 2007

Sweaty pig doing yoga

Guess what? The sky cleared up yesterday and I got to see the sun for a couple of hours. And today the sky has started out being more blue than white or grey. :blooby:


This morning I had my first yoga class at the gym in three weeks. And i'ts only my second class in four weeks. At the gym, that is. During these weeks, I did spend a week at a yoga ashram doing a lot of yoga asanas every day, but it's not the same as my gym yoga. Not the same...

I felt like dying in the gym this morning. My body was stiff. I had no balance. I felt dizzy everytime we stood up. And I sweated like a pig. A large one.

Wonder how long it'll take me to get back into it. To not feel dead in the middle of the class, but actually enjoy the work I do with my body and mind. I'm hoping not too long.

My gym has changed some things around while I was on my vacation (from work and the gym). They have moved machines and weights in the "muscle building section" and it's more spacious now. There's also a brand new room for yoga, pilates and body balance classes. It's a small room with cappucino coloured walls, soft spotlights in the ceiling, extra warmth, sounds proof and with the stereo in an adjescent room so it doesn't interfere with the "clean" feeling/look. Felt good being in there. Even though I wouldn't have minded some natural lighting from a window somewhere...


essjay said...

I couldn't imagine a room without windows for yoga. I'm sure you'll get back your flexibility! Even if it is because you take a long soak in the tub!

ekittie said...

I keep wanting to try yoga, but I'm kinda scared to go by myself. Gotta find a buddy to go with me. :)

Hopefully it won't take too long for you to get back into it. :hug: