Sunday, October 21, 2007

FO - Shoulderbag

Fabrics: leftover home decorator's fabric from making my Amy Butler's High Street Messenger Bag a couple of weeks ago

Project time: Started cutting things out October 19th and sewed it all up in about three hours on October 20th

Modifications: I tried to be clever in putting the parts together and ended up with a Moebius mess of a bag with the handle caught between the exterior fabric and the lining. Had to take the handle apart and fudge it together. I also lined my inner pocket.

Comments: In doing this project I learnt that just after the sewing machine in itself, the seam ripper is my best friend when it comes to sewing... Guess making that Amy Butler bag made me think I know how all bags in the world are constructed... I didn't follow the tutorial blindly and to save myself some time I guess I should've. On the other hand, I now know more about how not to try and construct a bag. :)

I'm not too happy about how I fudged the handle together and will most likely rip that seam out and redo it by hand. I tried to be clever and use the machine and it's far from as neatly as I'd like it.

The button is one I bought in a button store last week. Just plain black plastic button with four holes in it. I decided to sew it in by crossing the stitches (think you can see that in the middle picture) as I thought that would look neat.

Overall I'm happy with the bag and would love to make more of them. Or other bags. Have ideas for designs I'd like to try out.


Wendie said...

Oh! I love it Anna! It's so cute and stylish.

essjay said...

The bag looks wonderful - sorry to hear about the trouble with the handle. Hopefully once you rip it out & redo it you'll be happier with it. There are so many sewing patterns out there - I am always overwhelmed and excited when I go to a fabric store and look through everything. Hopefully you can find something inspiring soon!

Anonymous said...

Very cool...kind of has that '80's chic look...


Geek Knitter said...

Mom mom sews a lot, and I'm not sure she could get through a week without her seam ripper!

Jen said...

Holy smokes--how long have you been sewing again?! You're a pro already, Anna! And you already know the pro's tricks. :teehee: Ignore the instructions, swear, get out the seam ripper, then go back and do it right. :D