Friday, October 12, 2007

Well behaved PMS-monster

Me: Remember last time they turned the water off at work?
Him: Mmmm...
Me: When I realized my period had just started, we didn't have any water and I didn't have pads in the office? And had to bike over to the gas station to buy some and use their washroom?
Him: Mmmm...
Me: Well, today they turned off the water at work again. Not for long, but still. And guess what?
Him: You got your period?
Me: Mmmm...
Him: I thought so.
Me: What do you mean? What kind of tone was that?
Him: I just figured it was on its way. You've been PMSy these last couple of days.
Me: What? You think I've been PMSy? I've been very well behaved this time around. If I may say so myself.
Him: Sure. You have been. But there have been signs.
Me: What do you mean by that? I haven't snapped at you, have I?
Him: No, you haven't snapped at me, but you've been antsy. And you've been tired. And you've been restless. And a tinsy bit whiney. It hasn't been all that bad this time.
Me: Am I usually like that when I have PMS? You've noticed that?
Him: You're always like that when your period is coming. But this time I did have to check the calender to see if it was on its way.
Me: You did?
Him: Yeah, I think I can tell pretty easily by now, but this time I had to check. And that must mean that you've been well behaved, eh?

And then we both started laughing.


Geek Knitter said...

That was beautiful!

essjay said...

MEN! What a great conversation!