Sunday, November 18, 2007

FO - Mei Tai Baby Carrier

Pattern: The Mei Tai Baby Carrier from Montessori by hand.

Fabric: Kind of rough linen for the exterior and the pocket/stuff sack, cotton for the interior and straps and flannel for the "stuffing".

Project time: Washed fabric on Novemer 16th, cut out pieces on November 17th and made all the sewing on November 18th.

Comments: I'm soooo happy with this carrier! It turned out almost like I imagined it to. The upper part can't be folded down as much as the pattern picture shows. I followed the pattern exactly and the one making the carrier for the picture can't have.

I got tons of interior fabric left and that bugs me. The straps are shown to be cut ove the full length of the fabric but to save money one can definately buy less meters and make the straps up by attaching shorter pieces to one another . I know I wouldn't care about seams on the straps.

Now I just hope my brother and his girlfriend find this pretty (and practical) enough to carry their expected daughter in.


Wendie said...

Anna, I love love love that fabric! The whole thing is just darling! Your brother and his girlfriend are sure to love it.

Anna said...

Thanks Vendie! :) I love the fabric too. I'm thinking about maybe sewing a tote in it...

essjay said...

It looks lovely, Anna! That fabric is just beautiful and I know your niece will look precious sitting in it! Your seams look straight to me! ;)

Linz said...

Did you happen to email Meg about the lack of nursing cover? Mine did the same thing, and I'm kind of bummed.

I figure if we both alert her of the problem then maybe she can fix it.

Very pretty fabric, BTW! :)