Thursday, November 8, 2007

FO - Short Row Rib

Pattern: Short Row Rib by Ceris Morgan

Yarn: Duet from Brooks Farm Yarn. I think the colour is Iris. This yarn was a gift from my wonderful friend EssJay. Duet is 55% kid mohair and 45% fine wool. Wonderful shine to it! A hank is approximately 500yards.

Needles: I actually don't remember what size I used...

Time: End of summer, 2007 - end of October, 2007 (The knitting part was done way earlier but for some reason it took me a month to pick it up and attach the fringes...)

Pattern modifications: The final scarf is the result of two failed efforts and one success. The first two attempts at making this scarf ended up being way to narrow for my liking. In the end I added 12 stitches to make it wider. It's now 18cm/7in wide, which might be on the wide side but I like it anyways...

Comments: I love how squishy and soft this scarf is. Or is the word spoingy? :) I'm usually not a big fan of fringes on scarves as I tend to get them stuck everywhere, but this scarf really needed fringes. They complete the scarf beautifully.

The pattern is very easy to memorize if you pay attention to what you're doing instead of just following it row by row.

EssJay is supposed to make the same scarf with the same yarn. I can't wait to see hers. :)


Geek Knitter said...

I love that scarf! I made one out of Noro Kochoran, and it's wonderful. Yay, you and Essjay can be scarf twins!

essjay said...

Essjay is running terribly behind on making her scarf! :pout: I definatley plan on doing this after my holiday knitting is done. It will be my reward for finishing Starsky, Anna!