Thursday, November 1, 2007

Not working my way

Things aren't really working my way this week. My shoulder still hurts (and I'm very aware of the fact that yesterday's bowling didn't help the pain go away) and I have weird dreams at night that interrupt my sleep. They aren't nightmares, but they're very vivid and I'm all confused when I wake up from them.

I've been unclear when speaking to someone who called me at work, which has led to him doing a lot of unnecessary work. And it has cost his company money.

I've said a couple of things I shouldn't have said.

Was given lunch yesterday but they hadn't received my email telling them about my allergies. Was told it was all buffet style and that everything would work out. It didn't really. I could only eat the rice, a cream sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber slices. I was hungry all afternoon.

I finished my Shedir on Monday night. While knitting it, I decided to leave out one of the repeats (8 rows) as I know my head is on the small side and the pattern said it was a stretchy hat. Trying it on when I was finished, I realized it was too small for me. Yes, I get it on my head. But it's not long enough to cover my ears properly. So I decided to try and wetblock it and stretch it lengthwise (fully knowing it's cotton and acrylic). Laid it on our towel-dryer-hanger-thingy overnight so it'd be dry in the morning. It was still soaking wet when I woke up. So I stuffed it with pages from a newspaper and left it in the bathroom to dry. It was all dry in the evening and I wanted to try it on, get pictures and blog about it, before wearing it on Wednesday. As I was taking the paper out of it - don't ask me how this happened as I have noooo idea - I dropped the hat in the toilet... Soaking it again. So I got it out, washed it with some soap and stuffed it with newspapers again. This time leaving it on the kitchen table to dry so I wouldn't have another toilet incident... Yesterday morning it was all dry (again) but still too small. As I sort of knew it would be. I don't really like the thought of ripping it back and add rows and having to redo the crown. I also have a feeling I might not have enough yarn to do so. I might wrap the hat up and send it as a gift to my youngest cousin. She's about ten and I think the hat would fit her...

Woke up this morning thinking it was Friday.

I want tomorrow afternoon to be here. Now.


Geek Knitter said...

Oh Anna, that doesn't sound like a good week at all. Please forgive me for laughing about the hat in the toilet! It'll be Friday soon, I promise.

essjay said...

What a week :( I've had those dreams also and just generally being "out of it". I, like Anree, had to giggle about the toilet incident.....I'm not sure I would have if I'd been having your week though! :) I hope your week gets better! :kram:

Anonymous said...

Om, Om, Om...:)