Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Quest for New Tennants

The Quest for New Tennants has started. It's not up to boyfriend and me to find new tennants for the rental we live in but we have to be available for viewings of the apartment when interested people contact us.

Sunday we had two women on visit. The first one wasn't really interested but the second one seemed to be. She took pictures and was going to meet up with her husband on Monday to discuss it with him. They are both famous. Celebrities. Maybe not to the big mass but they are famous. Both in the entertainment business. Boyfriend could put a face to her name immediately when speaking to her on the phone whereas I had to google her name before knowing exactly who she is. My mother adoooores her husband and has done so as long as I can remember so when boyfriend told me that he was the one she's married to, I laughed. And called my mother... :)

Tonight we'll have a guy coming over to see it. He sounded very eager on the phone and I hope he wants it. If the famous couple doesn't, that is. We'd love for this to be sorted out very soon as it seems like we'll be able to get access to our house mid-December and not mid-January as was said from the beginning. We might be moving in less than six weeks!


Mona said...

Tänk att ni köpt hus! Helt otroligt. Är såååå avundsjuk. ;-) Men jag blir ju nyfiken, på huset, men också på de kända kvinnorna... Du måste ju berätta.

essjay said...

Famous people in your apartment? What fun! I'll hold my thumbs that you'll find a tenant soon!