Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time for changes

It's definately time for changes. I haven't been my happy self the last couple of months. Or so it feels. I've been more irritated than I'm comfortable with. I've been tired. I've been blah-ish about things that used to excite me. My shoulder still hurts and I haven't exercised as I did before. I've gained weight and feel lumpish and unattractive...

So... Changes...

Yesterday I got my hair done. I'm letting my hair grow out and I feel sort of frustrated with it at the moment. It's longer than I've had my hair in 10 years but it's too short in front to get up in a ponytail without having to use clips. I'm sure I'll be happier about the length if I can only add 5cm/2in to the back and maybe the double in front. Feels like that will open up to completely new styles with fun accessories...

I only trimmed my hair yesterday but I totally changed the colour. It's now chocolate brown. Still getting used to my own reflection in the mirror but I think I like it. I went really dark last winter but could only stand it for about a month and a half before redoing it. This chocolate brown is a bit lighter and the colour is definately more interesting and rich. We'll see in a couple of days when I've washed my hair and styled it myself. If worse comes to worst, I might have to start using a bit of make up every day to not look pale...

And I've also decided to get a grip on how my body looks and feels. I'm weak. I'm not in shape. I feel like a blob and I don't like what I see in the mirror. I eat way too much ice cream for the amount of exercise I get. Earlier this morning I signed up for one of those online get-in-shape-communities as I figured I might need some sort of structure. Could be a waste of money but I'm not ruining myself...

To not run out of energy 'cause I'm starting out too tough (has been known to happen when it comes to me and projects), I'm not going to limit myself too much here in the beginning. Will try to stay reasonable in how much effort I'm capable to put into this.

So far I've decided to:

  • only eat ice cream on Fridays and Saturdays
  • only have one piece of chocolate each day from the chocolate factory near home
  • eat at least one fruit a day (including weekends!)
  • continue biking to work but also include at least 15 minutes of walking every day

That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

My goal is to lose 5kg/11lb by end of February. Or slim down my waist by 5cm/2in. Which ever comes first. And I feel comfortable in.

That shouldn't be too hard, should it?

My reward for getting this accomplished and for, hopefully, feeling better about myself is a new tattoo. I know I said I wouldn't get more than one, but I've changed my mind... One can do that, right? :)

(And in case you're wondering... I'm aware of the fact that weight loss doesn't automatically make me feel better about myself but I'm old enough to realize, and recognize, the fact that I do feel better when I feel more in shape, that I'm less tired when I exercise regularly and that my mood brightens when I'm not tired... Choosing to make my health goal weight oriented is more a sign of it being easier than measuring how happy I am...)


Archiknist said...

I'm 5'9", and I think of my hips as being wide for my upper body (it may or may not be clear from my pictures, because it's is my main complaint about how I look, so I dress to try to hide it, and select pictures accordingly), and I actually think this jacket works pretty well for that body type--and it's such a simple shape that it would be easy to lengthen.

And thanks for the offer of translation!

Geek Knitter said...

I realized a few weeks ago that I was way out of shape again. I got out of breath too quickly, and my pants didn't fit anymore, I had to get bigger ones. Nope, no way. So I've been working out and watching what I eat. I feel better and I'm starting to look better too! You've got the right idea: start slow & give yourself reasonable goals.

We can do it!

essjay said...

Anree is right - start off slow...those changes are more likely to stay with you forever then doing something drastic. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about how you look and feel! I wish you luck and will be here cheering you along! :kram:

Anna said...

Girls: Thanks for cheering me on here! Love your support!