Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weekend sum up

So the weekend flew by real quickly.

I ended up taking Friday afternoon off from work as we didn't have access to the computer network all day. I just couldn't bring myself to come up with tasks to keep me busy for eight hours if I couldn't access the network. So I spent the afternoon meeting up with a friend for an hour, buying a birthday gift for another friend, getting myself some chocolate and new tea, and looking through some of the sewing and knitting books and magazines at the library. I had planned to stay int he library for hours and hours but gave up after 45 minutes as I couldn't find a quiet and nice spot to sit in... I did borrow three sewing books though. One that tells you the basics of making clothes and two with different ideas for bags...

At night we attended a tea-and-scones-party and had a really good time. They served a banana jam that was to die for! I had way too many scones with banana jam...

Saturday morning I went to the gym to work out. I was there when they opened at 9am! I have to say that I quite like working out in the gym. The challenge of lifting those handles or pushing those levels... I like it! It's sad to see how weak I am though... :) I'm also having some difficulties figuring out the technique of making back training on a Pilates ball. Think I need to ask for help next time...

Coming back home I spent some time making an apron for my boyfriend. It will get its own post after I've had boyfriend model it for me and the camera. I also made us a batch of ice cream and it turned out real well. Vanilla base with truffles, nougats and cashew nuts in it.

Sunday I took the cats out for a bit. I finished the apron. Made a door stopper from six of the Amy Butler squares. Pictures will come in another post. I started the actual sewing part of making a bag for my dad's upcoming birthday. He was supposed to get the bag for Christmas but our move got in the way... It's made of the same fabric as the give away bag. At least the outer fabric, the one with the leaves.

Yesterday I helped my sister write an application for a scholarship to take her abroad for a year. The poor girl wants to spend a year in Canada! :) I think I'm as excited as she is about this whole process. Luckily she'll find out in about two weeks if she's been granted a scholarship or not. And also to where. She's applying to three different universities and two of them are in Canada. Please, hold your thumbs as hard as you can for her!!!


Kate said...

Hej Anna! I'm holding my thumbs for your sister--that sounds like it would be an amazing opportunity (as you well know)!

The Amy Butler squares are goregous, too. Her fabrics are so beautiful. Have a good week! :kram:

essjay said...

What a great, productive weekend! I'll hold my thumb for your sister too!