Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sorry for the down-posts I've produced lately. This blog is not a happy place at the moment, but I promise to be back with pictures of colourful knitting (starting a baby sweater for a colleague's newborn son), a cross stitch project (teddybears) and also a colourful apron (Emmeline will be finished soon). I just have to focus and take some pictures...


My work situation is about to change. The whole company will go through a major reorganisation. We've known about a change coming for quite some time, but it was just last week that the first draft for the new organisation was presented to us. What can I say? Not everyone is happy.

I'm now in the position to be able to come with requests for my future work responsabilities. Had a one-and-a-half-hour-talk with my boss yesterday about "my role in the new organisation"; about what tasks I want to focus on, the things I don't want to do anymore, where I see myself going, what my ambitions within the company are, what changes I'd like to make, and such...

We'll see what comes out of it. He seemed to like some of the ideas I had about my work responsabilities. I might lose some of the ones I'm not too keen on anymore. And I might, in time, get a slightly different role within our department.


I'm counting the days 'til my vacation. We're leaving in 8 days.

I'm really looking forward to going. To see my brother and his family. To spend quality time with my mother. To see the sun and maybe even get a bit of a tan. To relax.

But at the same time, it feels kind of unreal that I'm going. My brain is preoccupied with thoughs on work and life in general, and "vacation" hasn't really sunk in yet.

Oranges in Spain last time I visited

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essjay said...

I do hope that you can get things sorted out at work and that your vacation gives you time to relax. I do hope you start feeling better soon. :kram: