Thursday, May 29, 2008

Getting to know me - 3

Time for round three (round one and round two). This week, the random number generator I use to pick questions, told me take care of question number 351.

Have you ever gone to a party or other function very overdressed or underdressed for the occassion? If you had to stand out at a party, would you rather be too fancy or too casual?

First thing that comes to mind is my sister's graduation from high school. In Sweden most people celebrate this day with some kind of party for friends and family. The students are very often picked up from school in a special vehicle and before they're brought home they circle through town honking their horns. At least that is the custom in most high schools in the part of Sweden I live in.

The special vehicle can be anything from a fancy-schmancy car to a decorated lorry. I was picked up in an Indian rickshaw and biked through town. There has been girls and boys being picked up on elephants, on horses, in helicopters or double-deckers from London.

Anyways, back to my sister's graduation day. I had had hectic days before The Day as I was helping my parents out with organizing and preparing for the party. I was in charge of making some desserts and a biiiiig banner to hang over the door to welcome her home. I had missed my day in the laundry room. And the weather changed from being rainy all week to being bright and sunny on her graduation day. I had planned on wearing clothes fit for rain. And my summer clothes were either unpacked (from the back of the wardrobe where they hide most of the year), rinkled and unwashed or simply unwashed.

I ended up wearing clothes that were all too warm and too casual. Looking at pictures from that day I get embarrassed...

If I'd rather be overdressed or underdressed? Difficult one. It all depends on the situation and the company. I'd say that I'd prefer overdressed in more situations as it'd show that I'd made an effort, but sometimes I just feel silly when I realize everyone else shows up in "relax clothes" and I've put make up on.

Thinking about it, I suffer more when I'm dressed "wrong for the occassion" in a practical way than in what it looks like. Did that make any sense? I get embarrassed if I show up in sandals and I was expected to wear sneakers as everyone is going to play football. Or if I wear shorts and we're all walking through fields with thistels in them. Or if I brought a big back pack stuffed with extra clothing and it turns out to be too heavy for me to carry and someone else (read boyfriend) has to help me out. Or if I didn't bring a jacket and is the only one freezing enough to want to go inside... Know what I mean?


Wanna play along with me? Please do!!! Either tell me your answer in a comment or make a post in your own blog. (If you do the latter, please let me know so I don't miss your answer!


Gudinnan said...

Jag kommer osökt att tänka på när jag åkte på kurs för ungefär ett år sedan. Hade helt förträngt att det ofta är brukligt att man byter om till middagen när man är på kurs och den här hölls på ett fint värdshus med rätt hög stil och klass. Min packning bestod mest bara av ombyten tänka att använda dagtid för de tre dagar som kursen varade och fick lite lätt ågren när alla började prata om att gå och byta inför middagen! Jag hade någon extra tröja men bara en vanlig enkel top som fick förskönas med ett halsband och sedan var det bara att bita ihop och se alla uppsnoffsade kursare. Nästa gång jag var på kurs där hade jag en större väska och ombyten för kvällarna också :-)

Geek Knitter said...

My work "uniform" is: boots, cargo pants, t-shirt and something long-sleeved. My preferred mode of dress away from work is: boots, cargo pants, t-shirt and something long-sleeved.

I'm usually the under dressed one at the party, but at least I'm comfortable!

Anonymous said...

At work, I'd rather be overdressed than's a part of showing your professionalism.

At home, I couldn't care less about fashion...I wore a bright yellow t-shirt and baggy white pants almost every day last summer.


Jen said...

Hee! I'm with you--I'd usually rather be overdressed, but generally just because I'm so casual in day-to-day life. I live in t-shirts and a ponytail! :p At least if I look nice I look like I tried, instead of like a slob, right? But I'd hate to be the girl on a hiking trip in fancy shoes or something.

I love that you had a rickshaw at your graduation! Even if you weren't dressed quite appropriately, I love the story--hearing about the traditions you have in Sweden is one of the things I love most about reading your blog! :kram: