Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thinking about knitting!!!

I'm actually doing it! Thinking about kniting again!

At work I'm knitting a baby sweater for a colleauges baby boy. I'm kind of winging it patternwise by using measurements from an actual pattern but playing around with the design when it comes to texture and colours. I decided to do something that's fun instead of cute and colourful instead of babyish. So, I picked dark brown as the dominant colour and I'm striping it with garter ridges in purple and lime green.

So far I've finished the back and I'm working on the sleeves. Even though I want the sweater to be colourful, I don't want the poor boy to look a sa clown, and therefore I've chosen to make the sleeves in plain brown stockinette. I don't know yet how to shape the front and the neckline. Maybe just a rolled hem and leave one of the shoulder seams open with a button to close? Or a V-neck? Or something else?

This is what it looked like when I had knitted part of the back (and yes, that is Skorpan "helping out" as always):

Back and Skorpan

But... This post was going to be about the rest of the knitting projects I'm thinking about.

When I was in Spain visiting my brother, he suprised me by asking me if I would like to knit a wrap cardigan for my niece. He asked for "something in white and made out of something soft so it wouldn't irritate her skin". He floored me with the request. I didn't think they'd appreciate something hand-knitted and hadn't bothered doing something for her.

So, now I'd like to start a wrap cardigan for her. In white or off white. In the best baby yarn) I know of: Tilda from Svarta Fåret. Amazingly soft and great to knit with. Nice colours and can be washed in warm temperatures (60Degrees). My brother and his family is coming home to Sweden in a couple of weeks and it'd be great to have it ready for her by then...

I haven't looked for patterns and I have some ideas on my own for the design but do anyone know of a cute wrap cardigan???

And then after the wrap cardiagn for my niece, I'd liek to knit something with the yarn I got a couple of weeks ago when I was part of a yarn swap. I guess I never blogged about it here... Anyways, Kate gave me some great stuff (fabric fat quarters, stitch markers, a game to help learning the states in the US, a flower card) as well as some fantastic yarn... 2 hanks of Manos Silk Blend in a colour combination that's just perfect for me. It has a lot of blues, purples, reds, pinks, oranges, and earthy shades as brown and cinnamon... :happysigh: It's beautiful. And it's so soft, I have to touch it everytime I pass it. (And yes, I pass it often as it's on my craft table.)

This picture shows it too red, but it gives you an idea of it looks like:


The colour is called Autumn and the number is 3106. (If you google that, you'll see that it looks very different in different pihotos. Apparently a difficult colour combination to take pictures of...)

The only question is what to knit with it. I have 275m/300yrd of this beauty. I have thought of a Clapotis. Or The Prismatic Scarf. I love both designs. Clapotis would give me more of a "shawl" to use in my cold office, but with only 2 hanks it wouldn't be very large. The Prismatic Scarf is designed for 2 hanks of Manos Silk Blend so I'd get penty of scarf from the yarn. It wouldn't be used as much as a Clapotis would though, as it'd be more of an outdoor scarf.

On the other hand... A Clapotis in Silk Blend might get too warm for indoor use anyways... Maybe I should save Clapotis 'til I have a great "indoor yarn" for her.

On the third hand... Knitting a winter scarf in May/June just seems wrong. Doesn't it? I wouldn't be able to wear it in ages... And it might be too warm to knit with Silk Blend in sunny weather. But that would go for knitting a Clapotis as well.

Any other ideas for two hanks of Manos Silk Blend?

Hmmmm... Thinking about knitting. And then some more.

I also want to knit a Juno Regina with the Fino from Alpaca with a Twist that my friend GeekKnitter gave me last fall. I think that would be a perfect combination that would look sophisticated enough to be used. What do you think?

It feels good to be thinking about knitting again and not just sewing and cross stitching!


Jen said...

I don't know whether I have any input on any of your questions. :teehee: But your baby sweater looks fantastic! And I can't wait to see everything else you do--yay, knitting!


Pikku- Kettu said...

Knitting! Yay! :)

That yarn is soo beautiful.

essjay said...

I'm so glad knitting has come back into your life! Of course I enjoy hearing about all your projects but my heart lies with knitting! I love that your brother asked you to knit for your neice, that makes me so happy! The baby sweater for your co-worker looks great so far. I am going to be starting the Juno shawl this weekend (I hope) and I'm super excited about that!

Geek Knitter said...

I think Juno would be great!

Queen of the froggers said...

The baby sweater sounds great and your choice of colours are lovely. What about a "so-called scarf" in the Manos? (I think if you search that on the internet you will find it). Its a great pattern for that yarn. there is nothing wrong with knitting scarves in summer!