Monday, May 19, 2008

Working on the garage

Thank you to all of you who decided to play along in the first round of "getting to know me". I really liked reading all your answers. And I hope you all will like to play along in the next round later on this week.


Thanks for telling me you like my blog mess/mix. :)


I'm sore today. And I expect it to be worse by tomorrow.

When boyfriend and I decided to buy ourselves a house last year, one of our agreements were that he would take main responsability of the garden and I'd care about what the inside of the house looked like. He was the one who really wanted a garden and I find noooo pleasure what so ever in mowing lawns, water plants, dig and carry. He does. I care about nice cushions in the cough, colours that match, neat looking place mats and such. He doesn't really.

So it was an easy agreement to come to.

At one point though, I made a promise I kind of regret now. I promised I would paint the garage this year...

I spent an awful lot of hours working outdoors this weekend. My idea of "enjoying the garden" usually involves a blanket, a good book and a glass of water. I only had half an hour of that this weekend. And that was after all the hours of work. I've used a steel brush on one of the walls to get rid of paint chips and I've used a scrubbing-brush and soapy water to get rid of algea on one of the short sides and parts of the longest side. I scrubbed for five hours yesterday and haven't even reached halfway...

It's was bit awkward as the wall is 3m/10ft high and I had to used a stepladder to reach the upper part. And even standing on the stepladder I had to work with my arms over my head. We all know how easy that is, right? When you have to apply force to something with your arms stretched over your head.

And imagine all the soapy water that ran down my arms... I was soaked.

And I still have so much left to do. Scrubbing the rest of the garage. Steel brushing the side that has the garage door in it. Apply two coats of paint.

Does anyone want to come and help me out?


I was standing there on the stepladder, soaked and tired, wondering why people wanted to have their own house and garden - and all the work that comes with it - when boyfriend asked me to come up on the roof as he wanted to show me something. After a lot of bravery on my side (having to climb a ladder) I got up.

And we sat on the roof watching the world around us. What a view we have from up there. We spied on our neighbours and checked out their gardens. We saw kids playing in the playground. We relaxed in the breeze.


Geek Knitter said...

Ow, my shoulders are sore just reading that! I hope you feel better before too long, perhaps boyfriend can give you a backrub?

Kate said...

I'll come help--any excuse to come visit you in Sweden works for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great project...


P.S. I like how you spell the word couch...tee hee! ;)

essjay said...

I hope you can get the garage finished up soon so you can enjoy the lovely yard & garden!