Monday, June 30, 2008

As random as it can be...

The cake I made Friday night was excellent! It turned out a bit dry on Saturday (I had wanted to keep it in the fridge overnight but boyfriend had a very smelly cheese in the fridge and I was afraid the cake would take on some of that foot sweaty smell...) but we solved that with vanilla ice cream on the side.


Laminaria has grown! I managed to get by the pesky four rows in the transition chart that gave me trouble and I'm now working on the blossom chart. I think it looks lovely!!!

Have to say though, those 3-into-9-stitches make my hands hurt. Especially my right hand.


I spent many hours working with fabric this weekend. I'm sewing a secret project that hopefully can be revealed next week or so when it has arrived at its proper destination. I have some bias tape left to attach and I'm sort of nervous about it. Think I might end up stitching the second side on by hand. Just in case.

I bought myself a fabric cutter a couple of weeks ago, but didn't get a cutting board/mat to go with it. Don't know what I was thinking. I got one on Saturday. And man, does it make cutting fabric easy, or what? I love it!


When sewing this weekend, I thought about Christmas gifts I can make for family members. And then it dawned on me... My sister won't be home for Christmas.

This will be my first Christmas ever without my sister... When I was in Canada for a year, she came over to see me during Christmas break and we celebrated with friends of mine. It was great spending Christmas with people I knew from before, and people I had gotten to know during my time there in Canada, but having my sister over was the best.

This year, she'll be in Canada. Or in the States. And I'll be in Sweden.


If Germany had beat Spain yesterday in the finals of the European Championships, boyfriend would've won 2000kr/US$330 in a betting we were in.

He didn't. 'Cause Spain won...


I fell asleep on our lawn yesterday. I had every intention to read a book but after a couple of minutes wrapped up in a blanket, I dozed off. The wind was a bit on the chilly side and I had rolled myself in the blanket to keep warm. I think I got about an hour of sleep out there on the lawn, only waking up twice when the cats wanted to join me. Skorpan was in there with me for about half an hour I think. Curled up by my side, purring.


Skorpan managed to get out of our garden twice this weekend. On Saturday I found him on the fence between our two neighbours' gardens. I called for him and he came closer but not close enough for me to reach him. The hedge between our garden and the neighbour's is too thick and high. He looked as if he wanted to come to me but was too afraid to jump from the fence to my hands.

In the end, I had to go inside and fetch a bowl with some food in it. That got him moving and I could reach him at the side where there's no hedge but just a fence...

Yesterday I found him outside the fence walking in the bushes that face the public "park" we live next to. I got out of the garden and walked up to him. He really didn't look as if he wanted to be where he was. When I sat down about a meter from him, he ran up to me and hid his face between my knees. I could easily carry him inside.

The combination of a curious cat and a cat stupid enough to not realize how to get back into the garden is an unfortunate one.


This morning I decided to walk to work instead of using my bike. I got my Walkman (yes, an old Walkman) and an Enya cassette I didn't know I had and started walking. It takes me about 25 minutes to go to work on foot. This morning I decided to only breath through my nose during the walk and I have to say that I felt both calm and energetic when I arrived in my office. My head seemed clearer than it normally is on a Monday morning...


We're changing phone system at work and this morning everything is chaos. Some numbers have been changed properly and some haven't. Some stationary phones don't work at all. Nobody can get through to their voice mail. The receptionists can't forward calls properly. And so on...

Interesting start to the week.


My vacation starts on Thursday. I have 3½ weeks off this summer. I'm using 15 out of this year's 25 vacation days and two days from working overtime. We don't have any special plans for this vacation. Maybe a few daytrips to Denmark and a visit to my parents' summer house. We have some things to care off with the house as well. I hope to finish painting the garage...

We might take some time off later this year and go somewhere. Boyfriend has a "dreaded" birthday coming up.

If I don't use the rest of my vacation days this year they will just get passed on for next year, which means I can technically take 7 weeks off next year. Just using my vacation time. And if I can get things organized for a trip over the Atlantic, that might come in handy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the rotary cutter changed my life, I can't believe you've been doing such beautiful work without one. See? I've been saying you're talented!
And, wow, the Laminaria! I finally checked out the knitty and fell in love. I only just now remembered that's what you're working on. I fell hard for that one, but it seems so freakin' complicated. I'm scared to start it. And, 25 days of vacation!?!?! It's taken my husband 6 years to work up to 20 days/year at his job and it's considered exceedingly generous over here in the states!

Geek Knitter said...

My mother adores her rotary fabric cutter, she uses it all the time.

If you end up on this end of the country be sure to let me know!

swedish fishie said...

Ok, 25 days vacation??? Really! It takes 20 years working at my company to get 25 days vacation. Ouch, I need to move to a new country!