Friday, June 13, 2008

Cats, Cushions and a Grocery Bag

Well, one of my posts yesterday ended with this:

"I went to work. And I hope that both cats are doing well when I get home. I hope I won't find vomit on the floors or rugs (there was a big chunk this morning...). I hope they both will eat some food. And I hope there's no more hissing."

The cats were doing well when I came home. No vomit anywhere. Both ate. No hissing.


But there's still something funny going on. I don't really understand it, but they don't eat as they normally do. They leave food in their bowls... That hasn't happened in two years. They usually gulp their food and lick the bowls afterwards. On a normal morning, they'd be scratching the door as soon as our alarm goes off. This morning they showed no interest in us, or breakfast, until they heard the sound of me putting food in their bowls. Strange. They also seem to be slower than usual. This morning, JumJum didn't bother joining me when I brushed my teeth.

This might seem like little things to everyone else, but it makes me a bit worried that they don't behave as they normally do. Everything combined shows me that somehting is wrong.

I will go the pharmacy today and pick up some "deworming-stuff" for them. Might be a longshot but I figure it's worth it. They spend more unsupervised time outdoors in our garden now than they have ever done. And they eat all sorts of flies, ants and stuff while being out there. Could be worms...

Skorpan resting this morning. See the shaved part on his front leg?


Well, before I started worrying about my cats, I made two cushions for our couch. Or rather, I made the covers. The cushions themselves are from IKEA. I made the covers a bit smaller than the actual measurements of the cushions as I wanted them to "pop" and be firm. I installed "hidden zippers" along one of the sides so I can wash the cover. I used fabric from Åhléns. One of my favourite prints. If you've read my blog for some time, you will probably recognize it... :)



Yesterday I took a break from worrying about the cats and finished the outside of my Paper Grocery Bag by Oh!Fransson. I'm using a thich curtain fabric from IKEA. Hope to be able to finish the lining and get everything together during the weekend.

WIP_Paper Grocery Bag
Black and white outside...


essjay said...

I do hope the cats return to normal soon! I know that my pups go through some weird transitions when seasons change.

The pillows for the couch look great as does the grocery bag - you have such talent!

Geek Knitter said...

Silly kitties should stop worrying you so much. Hey, that fabric looks familiar!