Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend recap

I've had a super relaxed weekend. Friday night was pizza, Olympics and Laminaria ver2.0. I'm now up to 5 repeats of the Blossom chart and there's still love. I have a strange feeling about this one, almost like when reading a really good book, I want to know how it turns out when finished but I enjoy working on it so much I don't really want it to end. You know what I mean?

Saturday was lazy morning with more Olympics, a bike ride into town with boyfriend and then a couple of hours spent in a colleague's garden, before heading home to more Olympics and the start of A Girl's Best Friend Wallet (pattern from JennaLou). I saw Pikku-Kettu's version two weeks ago and had to order the pattern myself. Update will follow!

Yesterday was mostly spent preparing for my sister and her boyfriend coming over for dinner. My darling sister is allergic to cats so we always have to make an extra effort before she comes over. Everything gets swept off with a duster, all surfaces get wiped off with a damp cloth, textiles that we can't get the cat hair off of is thrown into isolation in the walk-in-closet, all cushions on the couch are vaccumed and shook outside as well as all the rugs, the floors are vacuumed and mopped wet. The cats are taken outside to get a proper brush and sometimes I'll wipe them off with wet hands to catch as much hair and allergens as I can. I place eye drops on the side table by the entrance door and we're good to go...

It was nice seeing my sister and her boyfriend. I can't believe she's going soon. In less than two weeks there will be a huge ocean between us again. Only difference is that this time around she'll be the one on the fun side of it...


I'm looking forward to this fall. I feel as if I'm ready for some structural changes and I feel more creative than ever. I will get back to the gym on a regular basis (and hope for my hip to behave well). I will slowly start my yoga practise at home again. I will continue doing knit night every other Thursday. I'm planning on creating a "writer's night" for myself so I can get more writing done.

I don't want summer to be over but I feel somewhat ready for fall.


Geek Knitter said...

What a lovely weekend! I wish mine had been so relaxing!

Anonymous said...

...and here I am thinking you're on the fun side of the ocean! lol

swedish fishie said...

I'm in love with the "Girl's best friend wallet" pattern. I might have to order one myself! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!