Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Wednesday

I'm back in the office again after having been sent out of town for a seminar.

I travelled by train and stayed in a hotel all by myself, which makes for perfect knitting time. I managed to finish the two edge charts for my Laminaria and am now working on the bind off. Excited!!! :)


For all yarn-lovers in Sweden; Fröken Garn has opened a webshop! (I don't think she does international orders. I'll ask her if anyone is interested.)


I've written three mean emails today to people who have pi$$ed me off. I feel better now. :)


My head is filled with plans for travels. I have decided to cross the Atlantic next year. I just don't know how much time I'll spend there and exactly where I'll go. I'd love to see all my friends and family in Canada and the US, but the more I think about it, the more I realize I have to limit myself. There's just no way I can copy the great vacation I had in 2002 (7 weeks of seeing friends and family, old and new places), as I 1) don't have the amount of time to take off and 2) don't have the money...

I wish friends and family weren't all spread out. As it is, I'd love to go to: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. As well as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Massachusetts and probably somewhere I've forgotten right now. And these are just the places I'd like to go to see people I know. There are other places I'd love to go to see new things and sights... I've always wanted to go to San Fransisco. And I wouldn't mind going back to New York City for a longer stay (only did three days).

I think I can do three weeks. And one of those weeks would be spent with my Swedish sister (not to confuse with my Canadian sister). That leaves two weeks for everyone else... I can't make that equation work out without having to prioritze. And it feels just awful having to prioritize among friends and family. I want to see them all. Next spring. Unfortunately that won't happen... (Unless I win the lottery!!!)


I have 1kg/2lbs of muffins in my freezer at home!!! And that's just four muffins. :)

Can't wait to get out of work today so I can sit on the couch eating muffins when binding off my Laminaria!


Geek Knitter said...

Wow, very random indeed... I love it!

It's hard to have to make decisions like that. :kram:

Anonymous said...

Keep me posted! :) -Shell