Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday at last

This week has been hectic. I've been on my toes way too much...

Five meetings that I needed to prepare for, attend and follow up. Don't know how many phone calls I've made to people I don't know. Seven letters to write in which I delivered bad news to the recipients. Trying to book three other meetings with poeple who are tough to get a hold of. Starting to preparing for a presentation I'll make in a week's time. Order "fika" to two meetings.

And I've had my hair cut. And I've been to my first get-together with a group of women intrested in starting a book-reading-group. Handball games on TV at nights (yesterday Sweden got beat by Croatia...). Finished the third Harry Potter book. Finished knitting Sylvi's sleeves and had them blocked. Have knitted petals for three flowers. Biked a looooong way yesterday. Picked up my new passport. Met my parents for a "fika" at our house as my mum had some things to give me. Reinstalled all our channels on the DVD-recorder as they had all moved to wrong positions. Went to the gym once (and will go for the second time this afternoon after work).

I'm tired. And happy it's Friday.


Geek Knitter said...

Now I'm tired!

Have a nice relaxing weekend! :kram:

Carrie said...

Yow Anna. . . busy gal!
Sounds like a lot of fun stuff though!
Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend! Sounds like you could use one :-)

clarabelle said...

Busy, busy! Looking forward to seeing progress on Silvi, and the new haircut!