Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update #2

This will be another one of those superduper interesting posts in Anna's blog... :yawn:

I just wanted to let you know that I'm in Chicago, meeting up with some great knitters (and some non-knitting husbands as well), and having a great time! I've spent money on fabric fat quarters, on a quilter's ruler with inches on it, four hanks of sock yarn, a pattern book, a wallet and two card holders and superb ice cream!

I'm enjoying my company!!!

I will get on a Greyhound bus at midnight between Monday and Tuesday and out in quite the amount of hours to get to my next "appointment". I love my vacation so far! And I really can't see it getting any less good.

(I am, however, sick and tired of late flights. I've been on 4 flights in a week and they have all been late. I've had the occassional half an hour before, but now we're talking hours... The worst was getting here to Chicago as I had to spend 4 extra hours at Newark International Airport...)


essjay said...

We like your company too! :) :snort:

Diet Coke Mom said...

Have a safe journey, Anna. I hope round three of your North American safari brings you even more fun!