Sunday, April 19, 2009

FO - My Pot Pourri Socks

Potpurri Socks - front and side
My Pot Pourri Socks from the side and front

Pattern: Pot Pourri Socks from Knitting Socks in Handpainted Yarns by Carol Sulcoski

Yarn: 2 hanks of Claudia Hand Painted Yarns in fingering weight. Think the colour is called Teal Party. Bought at Chix with Stix in Chicago.

Needles: 2,75mm/US2

Project time: End of March - April 18th, 2009

Potpurri Socks - heels
The heels of my socks

Project modificatons: I changed the heel pattern as I couldn't get the suggested one to work with the tight way of my knitting. The heel flap turned out tiiiiny and I went with a basic slip stitch pattern instead.

I picked up more stitches along the heel flap than suggested and changed my decreasing around the foot. After a couple of rows with decreases every other row, I quit the knit rows in between decrease rows. It turned out a better fit for my feet.

Potpurri Socks - side
The side of one of my feet.

Comments/Thoughts: A pair of socks that almost fit me perfectly!!! What else can I say?

Well, I can say that I redid parts on these soooo many times it's ridiculous. The picot edge was done a total of four times on this pair. I had to change needle size and I had to change where I started the skein. The heels have been knit a total of five times (I think) with changed needles and changed heel patterns. The gusset shaping was redone twice on the first sock. The first toe was knit twice as I had messed up on my stitch count.

I like the fit but they could've been a bit snugger. Especially around the leg.

I love brown and teal together and in the hanks, this looked like the perfect balance between the two. Starting to knit with the yarn, I realized there was way more brown and dark green than I had anticipated. The socks are not as bright and happy as I thought they would be. They are actually on the dark and boring side. (The pictures show the socks way brighter than they actually are...)

Potpurri Socks - above
The socks from above. See the pooling on the feet?

The stitch pattern was easy enough and it actually kept the yarn from pooling on the leg section. The foot part is pooled and I don't really like that.


Geek Knitter said...

Some projects seem to require an amazing amount of ripping and re-working... I wonder why that is?

essjay said...

They look great but I'm sad that the yarn didn't turn out to be what you expected :( I'm glad you did find a patter you liked though.

Dilly said...

Great looking socks! Considering all the re-working, you knit them pretty quickly!