Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Change is near

I don't handle changes very well. Especially changes that are out of my control. Changes I just have to accept and make do with.

My work situation is going through a major change at the moment. And I don't like it. Not a bit.

My head is filled with why's and what if's. I'm trying to shut it off, but my worrying seems to get worse. I've been taught tools to use to handle my worrying, but I can't seem to find them. I know my worrying isn't taking me anywhere good...

I have a couple of more days of walking past colleagues' rooms filled with boxes before the real change comes along. And I don't like it. Not a bit.

But I'll smile and welcome the new ones when they show up with their boxes and start occupying the rooms next to mine. And the chairs in our lunch room.

And I'll knit. And hope it helps me through it.


Kim said...

Oh, Anna. I've been through many of these changes and in most instances the folks leaving with boxes were able to find something that they were much happier with. Hopefully, it will work out this way in the situation you are dealing with.

Kate said...

Anna! I can totally understand where you're coming from. I do not handle change well either, and I'm also a big worrier. All I can give you is a :kram: and tell you to keep on knitting through it all!