Monday, June 8, 2009

The most expensive cake I've ever bought

Just as last year, my boyfriend and I spent Sweden's National Day (June 6th) in Copenhagen, Denmark, with some of our friends. Last year there were five of us going. This year 11... Wonder how many we'll be next year.

We had a great day even though the weather was very unpredictable. We visited a market/fair/whatever focused on the home environment. There are many plants for sale and a ton of knickknacks for your home and yourself; homemade salt scrubs, jewelry, bags made out of willow, outdoor furniture, pottery, kitchenware, homemade kid's clothing, and so on.

My boyfriend and I made some very gender-bound purchases. He bought two Cuban cigars and four bottles of locally brewed Danish beer. I bought a jar of salt scrub with citrus scent, two packages of fun paper bake cups for muffins or cupcakes and 16 small tins for "mandelmusslor". And...

I saw these lovely pastries and cakes and decided to get one with pears, dark chocolate, ginger and lemon in it. It was beautifully wrapped in paper with a string around it. There were no price tags to be seen and I realized why, when the girl behind the counter asked for 65DKK = 100SEK = US$13... Had I known, I wouldn't have bought it.

Expensive cake
Looks tasty, doesn't it?

I've had two thirds of the cake and it's good. But not that good.


Anna said...

Oj, jag förstår att du blev snopen över priset och verkligen smakar på kakan riktigt noga :) Kanske var det nån exklusiv hemlig ingrediens i?!
(Jag har varit med om samma sak när jag skulle köpa ett litet glas vin ute en gång, och trodde de tog betalt för hela flaskan eller nåt...)
Men stället ni var till verkar ju trevligt, vad/var är det?

Geek Knitter said...

Oh, but it's so pretty!

clarabelle said...

Ooh, lucky you! I've been to Copenhagen a couple of times and loved it - the fair sounds like it was great fun.

And well done with your yarn dyeing, by the way; you are too hard on yourself!

Anonymous said...

$13! LOL. Sounds like you had fun, though. Mmm, citrus salt scrub. :)

Anonymous said...

The last line of this post is a total "Anna moment" :)