Thursday, September 17, 2009

On the couch

I'm home alone. Boyfriend is out of town overnight. And I've been looking forward to tonight for some days now. The plan was to tidy up a smidge and then spend the rest of the evening working on a wristlet for my sister while listening to Pet Shop Boys. Loudly. 'Cause PSB is a must when I'm home alone and nobody can tease me or sigh repeatedly while shaking nodody's head...

But here I am, lying on the cough completely horizontal with a pillow under my head. The laptop is leaned on a pillow on my stomach. My wrists are bent awkwardly for me to be able to write.

So, why am I doing this then?

Well, I was at my chiropractor's today. This was my third time in 10 days. And I'm determined to get my back and hip straightened out before our vacation. I do not want to spend my days in Tuscany bent forward, unable to straighten up, as I did this past weekend. I've been in agony. I've cried.

The instructions from my chiropractor on Monday were: 1. Do not sit (=stand up at your desk all day), 2. When on the couch, lay flat so your body isn't at an angle, 3. Spend at least half an hour on the floor with your feet up on a chair so your back can relax, 4. Walk for at least 30 minutes every day, 5. Avoid driving (see number 1.), 6. Bend your knees when picking things up, 7. Try to relax

And I'm working on it.

Horizontally on the couch. With breaks to go get chocolate from the cupboard.


essjay said...

No fun! I do hope that the restrictions end soon and that you start to feel better! :kram:

Geek Knitter said...

Oh, ouch! I don't like the idea of you crying, it makes me weepy myself.

Thinking healing thoughts for you. :kram:

Kim said...

Wishes for quick recovery from this - Think of Tuscany!

crrly said...

Ouch. Poor Anna! :-/

how are you feeling today?