Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Songs that make me smile

There are songs out there that make me smile. Some make me laugh. Others simply make me feel good.

Sandstorm by Darude - I love the beat of this song. Love it! I find it impossible to stand or sit still while listening to it. The song came out in 1999 and I listened to it a lot. Darude is from Finland and this song became very popular in Scandinavia. I was happy to hear it on dance floors in Canada the year after.

Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) by Baz Luhrmann - This song was inspired by an essay written by a Mary Schmich and published as a column in the Chicago Tribune in 1997. There are so many clever things said in this "speech", go check out the column for the advice.

Happiness is an option, Paninaro, To Step Aside, New York City Boy and I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing by Pet Shop Boys - Well, what can I say? I'm a Pet Shop Boys-fan... And have been since I was 14 and saw a cute guy from Prague, Chech Republic, wear a Pet Shop Boys-pin on his blue jacket. These songs are from different eras and albums of the PSB-history. I could've added more. I often use Pet Shop Boys as a pick-me-up. (And Shel, I chose that specific YouTube-clip to I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing as I thought you'd love the dancers!)

Another Chance by Roger Sanchez - Do you remember the video to this tune? A woman walking around carrying a red heart.

Superhero by Sky - This is childish, cute and fun. I don't know how I stumbled on Sky but it happened during my year as an exchange student in Canada. Sky is a band from Quebec. I own the album that this song comes from and I sometimes listen to it while sewing. Makes me smile.

Popular by Nada Surf - One of my old MTV-favourites. The lyrics come from a mid-60's teen advice book called Penny's Guide to Teen-Age Charm and Popularity. I find it hilarious. And sad. At the same time. But the beat and the guitars make me smile.

When I'm Up (I can't get down) by Great Big Sea - I was introduced to Great Big Sea on my first visit to Canada ten years ago. This song makes me sing out loud. Especially if I'm on my bike listening to it on my mp3-player.

And I found this boy by Maia Hirasawa - I think this is Maia's first hit in Sweden. At least, it was the first song I heard by her. Listening to this, my head starts to bop from side to side.

Children by Robert Miles - MTV. MTV. MTV. Remember the black and white video? The beat finds me. And the melody in the "chorus". And I move around. With a smile.

If I had $1,000,000 by Barenaked Ladies - If you haven't heard this song, you've missed out on one of the happiest, funniest and comical songs ever. And the band is Canadian. Of course. :) This one makes me laugh. Not just smile.

Angel by Shaggy - Memories. Memories. Memories. And I sway from side to side. And sing along.

I won't let the sun go down on me by Nik Kershaw - This is pure nostalgia!

Having listened to all these songs now I'm all smiles!

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Swedish said...

You mention some great songs! Some of them I don't know of course. I love Angel by Shaggy and Popular by Nada Surf.

My favorite song that makes me smile right now is So What by Pink. I don't watch a lot of (reality) tv but since I've been sewing at night I leave the tv on and caught this:
The original version of the song is much better, but this made me love the song.