Saturday, October 17, 2009

WIP - Crocheted shawl

Crocheted shawl
A progress picture. The paws are JumJum's.

This is what my crocheted shawl looks like at the moment. The pattern comes from Drops.

Recognize the yarn? Well, it was supposed to be a striped cardigan that I designed myself... I didn't love the cardigan style and also found the yarn to be a bit too scratchy for a cardigan. So, I decided to turn it into a shawl instead.

A colleague of mine suggested washing the finished shawl in schampoo and conditioner to make it softer. I'll try that!

I'm enjoying the process. Crocheting feels relaxing.

1 comment:

essjay said...

It looks wonderful - I love the colors (and the kitty paws! :) ). I hope the conditioner trick works!