Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not very creative...

Time flies. And I feel frustrated with how little time and energy I have for making something creative.

Work has been busy since coming back from my vacation. I thought things would calm down over Christmas, but I was wrong. One of my big projects is in an important phase and it makes my phone ring a lot and my email count to rise. And most people contacting me are upset. Or sad. Or angry. Or frustrated. Or mean.

Usually I can leave work stuff at work and focus on other things when I'm home. But it's hard now. I can't relax like I usually can. I can't shut down my brain when it starts to spin with thoughts on how to deal with the phone calls, or how to reply to a certain email, or how to prepare for yet another meeting, or...

I just don't feel comfortable knowing that my work tasks and my project is upsetting people and making things difficult for families. 'Cause it is. But on the other hand, it's also helping 55,000 people on the receiving end.

These last two weeks I've spent my evenings watching tv, working a bit on my writing project, sleeping (or some evenings and nights; trying to sleep), cuddling with cats and playing boardgames with my boyfriend. I've searched the Internet to find something exciting to knit. I've gone through all my pattern books and I've looked through my stash numerous times, trying to get inspired to work on something. But nah. It hasn't worked.

I'm trying not to feel stressed out about it - I don't need the added stress to my life right now - but it's hard to accept that I'm not using my time to be creative.

I'll let you know when things change.


Geek Knitter said...


Thinking of you.

essjay said...

:( I'm sorry that work is taking over your life! I do hope that things settle down soon and you can find your creative stride again. Thinking of you & sending hugs! :kram: