Monday, March 1, 2010

Ready for spring

It's March. Time for spring?

This winter has been long. As I've mentioned before, we've had an unusual amount of snow for being in the south of Sweden. Late last week, the temperatures rose above zero and they've stayed that way over the weekend. At least during the days. A lot of the snow has melted and we can now see the ground in about half of our back yard.

We can see green leaves and yellow buds in our flower beds.

Yesterday I let the cats out in the garden for a bit. Skorpan had his first roll on the ground for the year. He looked ridiculously happy afterwards!

I'm ready for spring now. I want warmer temperatures so I don't have to bundle up as much every morning and afternoon when biking to and from work. I want the ground to be dry so I can bike through the park again. I want the trees and bushes to turn green so my eyes get some practise looking at colour after months and months of grey, brown and white. I want the sun to come visit regularly again. I want the days to get longer so I can keep my blog updated with pictures of my projects. I want to be able to sit on our porch reading without being cold or in the darkness.

I want spring.


Geek Knitter said...

I'll post some spring in my blog for you today.


essjay said...

I'm with you! We've had snow on the ground since December 2nd. I'm just waiting for grass to show again. I hope spring shows up for both of us soon!

Tricia said...

Our snow if finally going away too! We've had record snowfall in my area of the states. I can feel the days getting longer already.

Mona said...

Jag vill också ha vår. Fast här kan den gärna få vänta till efter påsk. Vi har haft tokigt kallt i flera månader så det känns märkligt med plusgrader och takdropp och slask och halka...