Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitchen Makeover

My boyfriend and I have worked hard during our summer vacation. We have transformed our kitchen!

1. Before - from the dining area
What it used to look like from the dining area (we had started investigations to figure out how the load-bearing wall was constructed and that's why the wall over the door looks like it does)

2. Now - from the dining area
What it looked like from the dining area earlier today - notice how the linen closet isn't there anymore and how much wider the door opening is.

3. Before - the sink side
This is what the sink-and-oven-side of the kitchen looked like. Everything was at standard measurements from the mid-60's (low counter tops and strange sizes for drawers). The dish washer was placed at the far left, between the stove/oven and the wall to the dining area.

4. Now - the sink side
And this is now! The white countertop is just temporary and will be replaced by black granite in about a month. After that, we'll get white tiles up on the wall. The dish washer is now over by the window, next to the sink.

5. Before - the fridge side
This used to be the fridge side of the kitchen. The fridge was placed with its back to the side of the linen closet you can see in the first picture. Next to the fridge we had the pantry. Our freezer stood over by the window.

6. Now - the fridge side
We now have a combined fridge/freezer and an oven placed at counter top height. We've added a "breakfast bar" to sit at. No more fridge or pantry sticking out into the room as everything is placed at the wall.

7. Before - the fridge side towards the entrance hall
There used to be a door between the house's entrance hall and the kitchen. The wall on the right is the side of the pantry and the microwave oven has its back to the back of the linen closet in the first picture. To the left is the bookshelf we used for extra storage and the freezer.

8. Now - the fridge side towards the entrance hall
No more door! And no more free-standing freezer! The wallpaper is a picture we've taken ourselves and transformed into wallpaper with the help of

We love our new kitchen and spend lots of time in it!!! Even without it being all done. :) We've done what we can up 'til today and the rest of our work has to wait for the new granite counter tops. We have tiles to put up. A fan to install. Two "boxes" to build from the top of the higher cupboards to the ceiling. Splines to put up where the walls meet the new ceiling and the new floor. We also have to fix the corners of the new door opening as they're still raw.

And I've forgotten to mention how proud I am over us! How could I?


Dilly said...

Looks fantastic! I love the wallpaper! I love everything!

Wendie said...

Anna! It's gorgeous! I can't believe how much you accomplished in such a short time! I really love how the wallpaper turned out. I think that might be my favorite part.

ekittie said...

Amazing, Anna! I don't even know what to say. I'm so impressed!!!!

And, of course, that picture-turned-wallpaper is awesome! What a great idea!

Sara said...

It looks great! Nice work! I think the green light fixture is a nice touch.

Geek Knitter said...

Oh... WOW!

Anna, that's just amazing!!!

DotMom said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I, too, am super impressed with the changes, and I have to agree with everyone else in regards to the wallpaper. That is such a clever idea, and the photo is just perfect.

essjay said...

The new kitchen is so lovely! The personalization of the wall paper is genius! You both should be so proud of the beautiful space!

Anonymous said...

Great job, Anna! Everything fits together so nicely.


crrly said...

Så. Himla. Snyggt!!! När kan jag komma och beundra in person? :-)