Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday afternoon

Plans for the weekend:

  • Finish my Amy Butler's High Street Messenger Bag
  • Clean the apartment from a bit of the clutter I have lying around, dust and vaccum
  • Come up with a menu for our dinner with guests tomorrow night
  • Prepare and cook dinner for 6 (+1)
  • Do yoga for an hour
  • Photograph my WIPs (Works In Progress) and blog about them properly
  • Buy 5.5mm/US9 DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) for a new lacy project
  • Eat chocolate
  • Finally get EssJay's (very belated) birthday gift in the mail
  • Decide about my own birthday and how I want to celebrate it
  • Read another one of the books from my parents' storage room
  • Sleep

I look forward to the dinner we're hosting tomorrow but having people over always makes me nervous. I'm worried about what the apartment looks like, if I've dusted well enough, if the food is t everyone's liking, if we've made enough for everyone, if they'll enjoy themselves, what they'll think about the things we do... Boyfriend is more relaxed about it and I really try to be more like him when it comes to not worrying so much. I mostly fail. Miserably...

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essjay said...

You are going to be one busy lady this weekend but it sounds like there is some time for relaxation - I hope! I do hope you enjoy the time with your friends! Don't worry about my gift being late - I have a feeling that yours will be late too! ;) Enjoy the weekend! :hug: