Monday, January 28, 2008

I should and weekend talk

Thanks for your feedback on my last post about an upcoming give away. I have to say that I'm a bit embarrassed by your kind words, but I'm trying to be more proud than embarrassed. Thank you all!

I started cutting fabric yesterday and some of the interfacing is already ironed in place. There will be a give away.


My hip is doing better!!! And my upper body hasn't been shifted to the side in three whole days!!! I'm in less pain!!!

Yey for medication.


I had a nice weekend. Bowling with colleagues on Friday night (but I wasn't bowling due to my hip), getting wireless Internet connection thingies set up on Saturday, watched some good handball on TV from the European Championships, knit the front panel of my silk sweater (which apparently has a name: Kolsva - bottom right), spent 45minutes outside in the garden with the cats (who looooved being outside again even though the whole thing was a biiiit scary with all the new sounds and smells), made some great tasting pork chops with rice and mango-red onion-ginger-koriander-salsa, met my parents for an hour, got myself a Flickr account, cheered for Denmark as they won the European Championships in handball, watched another episode of Miami Ink and talked to my sister on the phone.

It was a good weekend.


essjay said...

I'm so glad you had such a good weekend! :kram:

Matte said...

Glad att du hade en trevlig helg. Jag komm precis på att jag kan skriva på svenska till dig.

Ha det gott.


Anna said...

Matte: :) Jag undrade innan om du hade skrivit de första kommentarerna till mig på engelska för att jag har en engelsk blog eller om det helt enkelt var så att du inte tänkte dig för. Du gör som du vill. Jag får flest kommentarer på engelska men en och annan på svenska dyker upp med. :kram: