Friday, January 25, 2008

Should I?

I need to know what you guys think.

This blog is getting closer to its 100th post and I feel like that would make for a great occasion to celebrate a bit. I'm thinking about a give-away. To make one of my commenting readers happy.

I think I'll set it up as asking for comments about something (don't know what yet) and then have the winner drawn at random. That's sort of an easy way to do it, eh? For both me and those who join in.

As I have people reading this blog who don't knit or sew themselves, I thought I'd make something and give away a finished product instead of the "usual" yarn hank or fabric square. I'm thinking about a bag of some sort. Would that be a good prize? Would anyone be interested in winning a bag that I've made?

I'm aware of other bloggers doing this without asking for help beforehand, but they all seem to be part of the group of bloggers who have thousands of readers and therefore have more "blogger asteem" than I do. I'd feel ridiculous to set up a give away and have nobody interested in it.

So, any thoughts? Would you be interested in joining in for a free gift or should I give up on the idea?


Gudinnan said...

Dum fråga ;-) Klart att vi, eller åtminstone jag, är intresserade! Du gör ju jättefina saker, ta bara väskan du visade upp senast :-)


Geek Knitter said...

You can certainly count me in if you decide to have a drawing. I think having an "Anna Original" would be a wonderful thing!

Stine said...

I would love to have a bag made by you, Anna! I think it's really sweet. I would just worry that that would be a big time/money investment for you. (Even really nice yarn/fabric is less of an investment than making something.) I do think it's very original, and I like the idea! I'd participate. :) <3 :kram:

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm in...can't believe you had to ask! Sheesh! lol

essjay said...

I personally would love another one of your bags. (My birthday bag got HUGE compliments a knit night!) I do like the idea of random selection from people who comment. I think it would be a great idea but be sure to do something you are comfortable with!

Anna said...

You're too kind, girls!


Kate said...

I'm just echoing what everybody else said...of course we'd participate!! And just like Sara said, make sure you do something you don't mind giving away. :) :kram:

Matte said...

Hey Siss! I'm so exited to run into your blog! Hope all is well. You should bring your man and his kids over to see us some time. Miss you much.


Matte said...

Yes, do it. I want whatever you make.


Anonymous said...

Mattias pointed me your way. I'm a friend of his from Port Angeles, a knitter, sewer and blogger too. I just looked around a bit on your blog. . .and that messenger bag for your sister is insanely beautiful. You are very talented and I can't wait to start watching what else you come up with! I'd comment for a give away. . . and make sure you tell "sew mama sew" 's blog so they can link to it. . then you'll have more readers than you know what to do with!

Mona said...

Skojarru eller? *S* Självklart!