Monday, January 21, 2008

Skorpan hides again

So I spent one night away last week. Which means that boyfriend was home alone with the cats. In case you don't know already; boyfriend is very upfront about his feelings for the cats and I know he'd be happier living without them and their hair.

When he got me, he also got two cats. When I got him, I also got a teenager. I don't know which one of us to feel sorry for.

Well, anyways... When I returned home on Thursday night boyfriend told me that he had been late for work in the morning. And it wasn't because he overslept. Or got a flat tire on his bike. It was all because of Skorpan...

Now, my boyfriend is not the most attentive person in the morning. In fact, he's not charming at all and I've learnt to stay quiet until he speaks to me. He needs his cup of coffee and newspaper before he starts noticing the world around him. So, he got up, went to the kitchen and gave the cats breakfast. After a while he noticed that Skorpan wasn't around and that JumJum was eating everything in the bowls on his own. Boyfriend rescued the left overs and started looking for Skorpan. He went around the house calling for him, checking all the usual hiding places. No Skorpan. After a while, boyfriend remembered that he had opened the door to the porch a couple of times the previous evening as he had been carrying things between the house and the garage. He started suspecting that Skorpan has escaped out. So he went looking in the garden calling for the cat. And he was getting more and more nervous about it all. Mostly about my reactions to coming home to find out that Skorpan had escaped as a result of boyfriend being careless and sloppy.

After half an hour boyfriend decided to give up and go to work. He was already five minutes late and he hadn't even left the house. He gets his shoes and jacket on, goes outside and notices that it's started to rain in the last couple of minutes. He goes in again to get his rain jacket on instead and when he opens the wardrobe door he sees Skorpan lying there all curled up in a furry jacket... Satisfied as few...

I can just imagine the words that came out of boyfriend's mouth when he found Skorpan lying there all content and not feeling guilty at all for causing so much worry. Apparently boyfriend hadn't closed the door properly upon copming home the previous day and then he'd closed it before going to bed without even thinking about checking to see if it was cat-free (something I always do when I find wardrobes open).

When I was told this story I was laughing real hard. 'Cause if there's one of my cats that I go looking for regularly, it's Skorpan. He loves to find new hide aways. He loves to lay around where it's dark and quiet. And he simply doesn't let you know where he is if he doesn't want to be found... And he very rarely wants to be found by boyfriend or anyone but me. He's such a mama's kitty. :)


Geek Knitter said...

Hmmm, cats or teenagers... I think I feel sorry for you!

What a beautiful kitty! I just want to rub his belly & feed him treats! I'm so glad he wasn't really lost, just hiding!

essjay said...

I too feel bad for you with the teenager...but as much as we hate it, compromise is a required part of relationships!

Look at that baby Skorpan! I just want to reach through the monitor and scratch his ears! I'm so glad he was just hiding and not lost.

Anonymous said...

A lovely blogg =) And thank you for commenting on my last blogg =) If you e-mail me you can learn more about everything =) Lots of love to your cats from my cats.