Friday, January 18, 2008

Not bad. Not bad at all.

I'm back in Skåne again after my overnight trip away from home. The seminars I attended were great and I'm glad I went even though I was a bit hesitant because of my hip. I learnt quite a few things and I even think some of them can come to use in my everyday tasks at work. Not bad. Not bad at all. :)

There wasn't just new knowledge travelling home with me but also some new yarn and a pattern for a new project! I decided to knit myself a sweater in silk for spring and summer. I got myself five skeins of Soft Silk in the colour at the bottom right. I'll knit it held double. Not bad. Not bad at all. :)

(I finished knitting my first Rainbow sock on Wednesday only to realise that it's way too big for me. The foot part is too long and it's not hugging enough around my ancles. Changing needle sizes might be a solution but I just can't see myself knitting this on 2mm/US0... I'm afraid my hands will get too sore again. Guess I'm hesitant also as the pattern doesn't give you the freedom to start the heel and toe whenever you want to. I might end up between pattern repeats even with smaller needles. I'll frog it. Bad. But I'm glad I realised now and not when I had knitted both socks. The hunt for a good pattern for this crazy coloured yarn goes on...)

I came home yesterday in time to see Sweden beat Iceland in their first game of this European Championships in handball!!! Not bad. Not bad at all. :)

Today I've seen a doctor and I've had my hip and lower back x-rayed. The doctor believes I have an inflammation in my hip and that the upper body has shifted as a result of me trying to put less pressure on my right side. He couldn't say why I had the inflammation and went on to tell me that it usually doesn't happen to young women. I got some anti-inflammatories and he told me to try and move around as I ususally do. Walks are good for me. Ok. Not bad. Not bad at all. He did want to get x-rays though when he saw in my file that my mother has Bechterew's disease (ankylosing spondylitis). Just to rule that out for me. And the x-rays didn't show any signs of Bechterew's or any other strangeties with my skeleton or joints (in the hip and lower back area). Not bad. Not bad at all. :)

Today it's Friday and we're having friends over for a chat tonight. Not bad. Not bad at all. :)


essjay said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the conference so much - it is always nice to learn things you can take back to your job. Those Rainbow Socks are awesome - I hadn't paid attention to the pattrn and I really like those - bummer that they came out to big. :( I do hope that your back/hip do start to get better - it is nice that there is nothing "major" going on and that you can continue to do your normal thing. Enjoy time with friends tonight. :kram:

Anonymous said... glad to hear that you are feeling better this week! What a treat it is to read your update!

Speaking of treats, remember those trips to the mall back in Guelph? By the end of the year, it was a ritual:

1) First, I had to stop at the perfume counter to check out the latest samples. That year, I was all into Alfred Sung "Shi" and was ecstatic when you gave it to me at Christmas. I'll never forget that!

2) Next, we would check out anything with sequins at Le Chateau. I ended up buying a gold top there so that I could be a Solid Gold dancer for Halloween...looking back, it was just an excuse to wear sequins.

3) Eventually, we would end up snacking at Cinabon or reading new titles at Chapters.

Memories! lol

Anna said...

EssJay: Thank you for always wishing me the best. :kram: I'm sorry to that the Rainbow socks didn't work out as I hoped for. I really like the design and thought the yarn worked perfectly with the pattern...

Shelley: Thank you for those trips down memory lane. You made me giggle out loud and I've had this stupid smile on my face since I first read your comment. See? :)

Remember the balck top with gold sequins on that I bought at SRM? The one that had a metal ring that went aorund my neck? I think you were a huge factor in me buying it!

I think of Cinnabon every time I smell cinnamon. I miiiiiiss them. And you. :)