Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stupid hip and out of town

Nothing much interesting going on here in my corner of the world. I walk around with a crooked upper body and a hip that hurts. In fact, almost my entire body is aching in some way or the other as a result of compensating for my crookedness. My shoulders, my back muscles, my other hip, my knees and feet. I've been bending double at every sneeze since Friday.

Have another appointment with the "naprapat" this afternoon and I'm trying to get an appointment with one of the company doctors. He's not an orthopedist but he can give me a referral to one and thereby cutting waiting time. (The orthopedists I've called this morning has been booked solid for at least the next two weeks, unless I call one of the private - read: expensive - orthopedists with private clinics.)


Work is sending me out of town tomorrow for a conference on Thursday. I'd look forward to it more if I wasn't in pain. It'll be interesting, I'm sure of that, but I don't look forward to the train ride and the hours of sitting at the conference. I'll try to get a seat at the back so I can stand up from time to time without disturbing the others.

Might have time tomorrow to go check out a yarn store I've read about. Exciting! Not that I have any specific projects in mind that I need yarn for, but one can always look, eh? And feel. And drool. (And maybe buy.)


We handed over the keys to the apartment yesterday. We're officially not tennants anylonger but house owners. The apartment has been empty for three weeks and weekend before last we cleaned the place. Yesterday there was an inspection of the apartment and when that was done, we were let off the hook. We'll never go back!

Getting home after work yesterday felt extra special.


Thanks for the get well wishes you've sent my way and also thank you all for telling me that you like my sister's bag. It warms my heart. And makes me proud. I like that! :) Thank you!


essjay said...

I do hope you can get to see a doctor soon - being in such pain is no good! Enjoy your trip - I hope you learn something interesting. Sending lots of hugs! :kram:

Stine said...

Ugh, that sucks about the pain! I hope you can get in to see someone soon!

Angelia said...

:kram: Anna! I do hope you get help soon.

Congratulations on the house! I'm so sorry I've been out of touch for so long and thus unaware of your great news! FINALLY a house! Yay for you!

Anna said...

Angelia!!!! Nice to see you around! Hope everything is alright with you, DH and the cats! :kramkramkram:

EssJay and Stine: Thank you both!