Monday, January 7, 2008

WIP - Rainbow socks

Remember my last post on knitting? Remember how scattered it was? And how I talked about making a list of projects and trying to be a bit more systematic about my knitting?

Yeah. Well.

Saturday night (at around 10pm) I casted on for a pair of Rainbow socks in Lorna Lace's Shepherd Sock in Mt Creek. The pattern is knit from the cuff down but I've decided to do it toe up. I want them to be as long as possible. These are constructed with a short row heel and I've never made one successfully before... Oh, I've made them alright, but I haven't made one that I can wear. Now, I know I should try to knit them on more than half of the stitches to compensate for my high instep. Wish me luck!


essjay said...

I *love* te way the yarn is patterning on those socks! I hope the short row heel works out for you. I did my first one on my last pair of socks and it took me 10 tries to get it right!

Kate said...

WOW, that yarn is perfect for the pattern--it looks gorgeous!!

Anna said...

Thank you girls! I'm quite happy with the sock myself. Getting closer to starting the short row heel and I really hope I can get one to fit my foot. Hold your thumbs for me, will you? :)

Anonymous said...

...still crazy about the socks. Some things never change! lol