Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amy Butler squares

I'm really inspired to do a lot of sewing for our house now. I want to make cushions for the cough. Coasters. Place mats. Bread baskets. Aprons for both me and boyfriend. Hanging organizers for the bathrooms. And I want to make myself a wallet. And ID-tags for my bags when I travel. And pouches for knitting projects. And a needle holder for my DPNs. And a pair of pants/trousers for myself. And a dress for my niece-to-be-born. And...

The list goes on.

Today I moved one step closer to actually making some of these projects. I bought some fabric from Blinky at Etsy. I ordered 12,5cm/5in squares of different Amy Butler fabrics. They're from her Lotus and Belle collection. I ended up ordering *ahem* 120 squares, thinking I'd have enough squares to make six placemats and some coasters. And maybe a bag. Or at least part of a bag. Now, I think 120 squares will take me quite a long way. If I decide to combine some squares with fabric I already have at home, I can make even more placemats. Or totes. Or...


It used to be knitting that filled my head. I planned for future projects. I longed for touches of wonderful yarn. I constantly looked for new things to do. Now... It's sewing. I do knit. Sure. But it doesn't occupy my mind now as much as sewing does. Sewing is exciting! And when the sewing part comes on, it's a fairly quick fix. Simple coasters need one seam, a turning, some ironing and edge stitching. Same for simple placemats. Easy peasy.

I look for exciting fabrics. Fun fabrics. Useful fabrics. Colourful fabrics (green, purple and gold for the cushions). I look for sewing ideas. Tutorials. Buttons. Strap material for bags. Magnetic snaps.

It's funny to notice what a "phase-person" I am. I move from one thing to another. Knitting has stuck with me for so long though that I didn't think it'd be phased out of my mind. I'm not saying it's gone. It's not. But lately it hasn't been as magical as it used to. Fabric though! I can feel my heart beat a little bit faster just thinking about the Amy Butler squares I've ordered. :heart:


essjay said...

I can't wait to see what you create with 120 squares! Sewing is much more instantly gratifying then knitting is so it makes sense that you'd think about that more! I am happy that you still knit though, everything crafty you do is always so beautiful.

Geek Knitter said...

It's wonderful to be passionate about things: knitting, reading, baking, sewing, gardening... all those things and more!