Monday, February 11, 2008

Kolsva and give-away bag

My plan was to finish my Kolsva-sweater (bottom right) this weekend but that didn't happen. It's all seemed though and I'm working on the collar. When I'm done with that part (and have it sewed in properly) I'm going to decide what to do with the sleeves. They're supposed to be three-quarter length but I think I'll make mine full.

My plan was also to finish the bag I'm making for my upcoming give-away. That didn't happen either. I agreed to help a friend with his studies and thought it would take us a total of 4 hours or so. It didn't. We spent 2½ hours on Saturday night and altogether 5 hours yesterday (excluding time for the dinner boyfriend made us)... When my friend finally left yesterday I was too tired to do anything that demanded focus. So no sewing.

This is my 97th posting so I still have a couple of days to finish the bag... Hang in there.


Lisa ~ AKA JeepGirl said...

Hi Anna!!! Life does get in the way of things but it was so nice of you to help your friend. Studying is one of those things that goes better when there is someone else around.

Nice of your boyfriend to make dinner too! *thumbs up*!

Stine said...

I hear you on life...I wanted to cast on for Hanami this weekend, but I was either out or running errands or cleaning most of the weekend. I finally got five minutes to myself and was deciding between World of Warcraft or Hanami when my friend invited me for dinner. So no knitting for me. :(

essjay said...

I hope you can find some time for the sweater & the bag! :kram:

Kate said...

Wow, your 97th posting! That's impressive! :) I always have a goal to post more often, but I never feel like I have anything interesting to say. Very thoughtful of you to help your friend study--hope all goes well for him. Have a great week, Anna! :)