Saturday, March 29, 2008

From pretty awful to great

Thursday started real bad. But turned good.

I woke up at 4am feeling the worst I have in a long time. I was so dizzy I had to cling to the bedside to get some stability. It felt as if I was on a really fast merry-go-round that had me spinning out of control. Even if I was just laying down. And the spinning had me really nauseous as well.

There was some kind of pressure in my left ear and I thought nose spray might help clear things up. Of course we have our medicines and drugs as far from the bedroom as possible in our house... I thought I'd make my way out in steps; bathroom first. Getting there I had to steady myself against the walls, the bedside, the chest of drawers, the door... In my head and body it felt as if I was everywhere in the room. I was spinning furiously. And while doing my business in the bathroom I had to hold the sink to keep some of the dizziness under control. I also realized, sitting there, that I wouldn't be able to get myself out to the drug cabinet.

I crawled back into the bedroom, woke boyfriend up, and collapsed on the floor. I was shivering and covered in sweat. Boyfriend got me back in bed, found me the nose spray and had the bucket ready for my first throw up... He even got me elastics for my hair, so it wouldn't get all yucky with puke. That's love!

Boyfriend helped me get dressed and on the cough before he left for work. I had an alarm clock, a glass of water, a phone, the number for the doctor's office opening an hour and a half later, the bucket and two cats close by. I was on my right side on the cough and every time I moved my head, or even my eyes, I went for a spin. I ended up puking twice more.

I have thought that I've been dizzy before, but I was proven wrong there on the cough. I've been light headed. Not dizzy.

Talking to the doctor's office I nearly cried cause I couldn't walk, couldn't stand, couldn't sit, couldn't even lie down without spinning. I got an appointment for 11am. I managed to get some more sleep after the phone call and when the alarm went off to get me moving for the doctor's, I actually felt better. I was still dizzy and had to move slowly but I could walk without having to steady myself . Which was quite a change from having to crawl a couple of hours earlier. I was still nauseaous but managed to get my jacket and shoes on without throwing up. Boyfriend-taxi got me to the doctor's.

Turned out to be nothing to worry about about. Something about "crystals" ending up in the wrong part of the ear and the balance organ. A physical therapist had me tipped over backwards and moved my head around "to get the crystals to move back to their proper location". It made me real dizzy again but just for a short time. I was told to keep moving "as I normally do" to get my body to learn how to compensate for the instability in my balance organ.

I walked home. It wasn't quick and perky, but it wasn't slow as a turtle either. At around 3pm, I felt like normal again. Well, almost. Still a bit nauseous. But no dizziness whatsoever.

And you know what else made my afternoon? A package from EssJay!!!!

A beautiful -and handmade- photo album and four Amy Butler fat quarters.

Fruit leathers
EssJay knows I loooove fruit leathers and can't get hold of these here in Sweden...

Magnetic note pads, round Post its, 2 pairs of KP Option needle tips (3,5mm/US4 and 3,75mm/US5) and a bag for small knitting projects

Two scented soy candles, a corn cob Santa Claus ornament and a fridge magnet... All from Iowa!

Thank you, EssJay!!! You're way too generous! The photo album and fat quarters had my brain bubbling with creativity and ideas, the fruit leathers had me all excited and most of them are in bag for work next week, the note pads and the magnet are up on the freezer, the scented candles are in the book shelf (I loved the apple one and boyfriend favoured the mocca one - perfect choices!), and I'm still debating what to do with the Santa Claus... It's hysterical, EssJay!!! :)

In just a couple of hours, Thursday went from being a pretty awful day to a great one!


Geek Knitter said...

What a day! The morning sounds like it was so scary, for a minute I was afraid you were going to try to get to the doctor on your own. Goodness, what a package!

essjay said...

How scary that must have been to feel so horrible! I am glad that you started feeling better after the appointment with the doctor! You are welcome for the package - there is nothing like a SUPER late birthday & christmas package! :kram:

angelia said...

Wow, Anna, how scared you must have been! I'm so glad it turned out to be nothing!

Essjay is such a sweetheart. Your goodies are wonderful! That corncob Santa is hilarious. Hang him in a window and have people wondering what on earth it is :)


Mona said...

Usch så otäckt och oj så skoj! Ja, det första om vingligheter och det andra om det läckra paketet.

Har haft en liknande upplevelse, det är fruktansvärt när balansen sätts ur spel. Jag påverkas negativt i flygplan och även på X2000 (men värst på sträckan Söderhamn-Sundsvall). Det är inte roligt när man blir så där totalt däckad. Känsliga öron...

Hoppas du har det bra ”på bortaplan” och hälsa så mycket till din ofantligt omtänksamme sambo!