Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday ramblings...

What a great weekend I've had!

I went to the gym on Friday afternoon after work. It was my first time going there in the afternoon (I've done mornigns and evenings) and I was surprised to see how crowded it was. I guess there was an entire school class there as the gym was exploding with early-teen-hormones... As the only female there I felt sort of stared at.

When I came home, boyfriend and I had dinner before heading off to my parents' summer house. My father needed some help from strong arms and boyfriend had volounteered. We spent the evening with my parents and I'm so glad they like my boyfriend. And that he likes them. It makes life so much easier, doesn't it?

Saturday morning I went out to take some pictures (I always do at the summer house) while the men worked and my mother got herself ready. I'll try to get some of the pictures up on Flickr so you can see them.

We hung around and had lunch before returning to civilization. I saw my parents again in the evening as we listened to my sister's choir. They celebrated an anniversary by performing for an hour. My first time listening to them and I was really impressed. I so wish I could sing! But the singing gene skipped me and went directly to my brother and sister...

Yesterday the weather was amazing! Boyfriend and I spent hour after hour out in the garden. I replanted some of our plants. They all desperately need bigger pots and fresh soil... I actually had a blast being able to be messy while replanting. It's such a difference replanting outdoors compared to doing it on the kitchen sink...

We left the porch door open for the cats to go in and out as they pleased and they loved it!!! I didn't bother getting their harnesses and leashes on. I wanted to see how they acted without them. Can't tell you how many times they had me laughing while I worked on the flowers. If they weren't chasing the shadows of the plants, they jumped for flies or each other. Skorpan totally crashed into JumJum at least twice and got hissed at.

I didn't sit down to knit until last night (had the baby cardigan with me to the summer house and did some seaming) and I swatched for the bolero. Had difficulties getting gauge but I think I'm close enough now. It's a stretchy pattern so measuring was hell. I also started the actual ribbing on the back piece. Maybe I should force myself to WIP-updates on it to keep me working on it regularly?

I had planned on finishing some more of the placemats (two are done) but I didn't touch my sewing machine all weekend. Maybe during Easter?


I've seen pictures of my niece now and she's wonderful! Soooo cute! (And I'm not biased at all...) Can't wait to see her in person in a couple of months.


And guess what? My sister is going to Canada in the fall!!!!! She got one of the scholarships she applied to!!!! She is going to spend a year on the east coast and I'm soooo excited for her!!!!

Talking to her brings me back in time and to my own planning for my year in Canada. Deciding on housing options. On courses. Learning as much as possible about the place before getting there. Finding someone to sublet the apartment to while being away. And...

I'm so happy for her! :)


Gudinnan said...

Hej Anna! Skickade just ett mail till den adress jag har sedan tidigare, har du kvar den? Kort sammanfattning av det är TACK SÅ JÄTTEMYCKET!


Anna said...
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Gudinnan said...

Nej, mailen fungerade inte. Om du har en nu kanske du kan maila den till den du maila till mig på tidigare? :-)

essjay said...

What a wonderful weekend! Congratulations to your brother & your sister - what wonderful news for them both!

Anna said...

Gudinnan: testa att mejla till annascorneroftheworld[snabela]yahoo[punkt]com istället!

Tack för ditt tack!

Kate said...

Hej Anna! CONGRATS to your sister--that's so exciting! What province will she be staying in?

Also, I'm so jealous that you have weather nice enough to garden in! We have snow in the forecast for Friday. Ugh, I am so ready to be done with winter.

I hope your week is as good as your weekend! :kram: