Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming home...

I'm home.

With a hint of a tan on my arms and in my face. With blisters on my feet from wearing my summer sandals on long walks.

Sunshine. Family time. Laughter. Walks along the beach. Tasty ice cream. Handball game with an excited audience. Text messages. Some reading and knitting. Barking dogs and dog poo. Breakfast outside. Baby cuddles.

I had a good time, but often it felt as if something was missing. My boyfriend. Why do I keep on doing this? Going out of town and travelling without him...

Coming home felt better than going away.


Geek Knitter said...

Welcome home Anna! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

essjay said...

Welcome home! Coming home is usually the best part of going away. :kram:

Mona said...

Å... Det låter som att du har haft det väldans trevligt. Det är du värd, många gånger om!

Att lämna hälften hemma, det kan ju vara bra också. Att få längta är inte fel. Och det blir ju så mycket roligare att komma hem om man har nåt som lockar.


Lia said...

Hej Anna!

It is great to come home, especially if you've left someone behind. I don't like taking vacations without Rob. I'm constantly wanting to call him to tell him about this or that thing I've seen or done. Embracing the vacation becomes almost impossible, doesn't it?

Let's see a photo of that tan!

And I hope your feet feel better now. Blisters are terrible.