Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

I've gotten a cold. I started to sniffle on Monday and my throat was real sore. Now I'm blowing my brains out every ten minutes or so...

I'm the worst sick person I know. I get soooo miserable and I feel soooo sorry for myself it's ridiculous. I'm trying not to moan too much about it at home as I live the biggest trooper ever when it comes to being in pain or being sick. You know how people say that men get whimpy when they're sick? Well, in our relationship, I'm the man when I'm sick. Boyfriend has to be forced to a doctor or to staying home. I have to force-feed him medicine and keep him from doing too much.

Sometimes I wish I was more like him. 'Cause I get embarrassed when I can't stop my moaning.


One of my best friends was due with her first child last week. I talked to her yesterday and still nothing major had happened. She was sick and tired of feeling big and exhausted. She was bored. And she "just wanted to get the delivery over and done with".

Poor girl. She's never been very patient when it comes to waiting...

(Their baby is the receiver of this cardigan. I finished it two months ahead of time!!! Me, the Procrastinator.)


I'm working on two baby items and a Clapotis at the moment. This is my second attempt at a Clapotis (used the wrong kind of yarn for the first one) and I'm loving it. I'm using the Manos Silk Blend that iKate gave me in a yarn swap last month. This yarn is perfect for the Clap!


Emmeline is still waiting for me to stitch up the halter ties. Everything else is done; the changes to the dimensions of the apron, the cutting, the sewing, the making of the bias tape and the attaching of the bias tape (both by machine and hand)... Now I'm just to finish the hand-stitching of the ties. I'm more than halfway there and even as I know it wouldn't take me long to finish the rest, I find excuses not to move her from the armrest of the couch to my lap... It's already occupied by a cat. I'm too warm to have somehting covering my legs. Too many cat hairs in the couch. My hands might start to hurt from the hand-stitching (and then I pick up the cross-stitch I'm working on...).

Every weekend I say to myself that I should finish those two seams and get the apron done before Sunday night. I have grand plans of finishing it and then having boyfriend take pictures of me wearing it in the garden by our barbeque. But then I end up scrubbing algea from the garage, watching the cats, entertaining boyfriend's aunt or reading...

Maybe this coming weekend?


Geek Knitter said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'm kind of a medium whiner when I'm sick... right up to the point where I start to run a fever. After that I turn into a whiny six-year-old and my husband tries to find errands outside of the house.

Kate said...

I'm so glad that you found a good use for the yarn...that will make a beautiful Clapotis! And I hope you're feeling better SOON!

Lia said...

Way to procrastinate on a project, Anna! I find a zillion things to do sometime rather than what needs doing. (Suddenly, the bathroom needs scrubbing...on hands and knees scrubbing!) It's sad.

I hope you feel better soon! :kram:

I'm pretty wimpy when I'm sick, too, but nothing compared to Rob. He says he wants me to leave him alone, but he really wants babying. Gah!