Monday, June 2, 2008

FO - Emmeline Apron

Posing by the BBQ

Pattern: Emmeline Apron by Meg at Sew Liberated

Fabrics: from IKEA

Project time: End of March - May 31st, 2008

Modifications: I made the skirt part longer as I'm taller than most and wanted the apron to cover my thighs properly. I decided not to bother changing the angle of the sides when making it longer, so I ended up with an apron much wider than the original. I don't mind though.

Thoughts: I looooove this finished apron! I love wearing it as I feel sexy in a housewife-kind-of-way.

But... There was something about making it. It's not quick. There's a lot of work behind it. Making the bias tape takes some time. Getting the bodice part wrinkled nicely takes some time (and if one is as confused and stupid as I was mixing up fractions of centimeters and inches, it takes even more time!). Handling the big sheets of fabric while cutting out pieces takes some time. Attaching the waist straps at an accurate angle takes a lot of time. Attaching the halter strap at the sides of the bodice takes some time and care. Hand stitching the halter straps takes a a bit of time.

Top part of the blue side. Halter straps tied.

On the other hand... All this work, all these hours, makes for a very nice apron!!! It looks great. And I love the results from the hand stitching. To me, it looks professional. (The purple fabric at the right in the picture below is hand stitched in place.)

Detail shot of bodice and strap

I'm really proud of this apron and my work! I think even my mother will impressed with my seams. :) I also made sure to use the right colour of thread at all times and when I sewed the two "apron sides" together, I used different colours in my machine so I wouldn't end up with a bright blue seam on my green side.

I'm glad I chose the fabrics I did. The blue side is classic, beautiful and somewhat sexy and the green side is pure fun. Wouldn't you say?

Fun side modelled in the garden


Manders said...


And hasn't your hair grown!!!

Anonymous said...

You look like a model from an IKEA summer catalogue! :)

Gudinnan said...

Jättefint! Och som de anddra har sagt så poserar du värdigt en modell på de bilderna. Fnissade lite för mig själv när jag såg första bilden eftersom det såg ut som att du hade Bara förklädet på dig... :-)fast på den andra så verkar du lite mer påklädd (hey, inget fel i lite lättklätt under förkläden)

Geek Knitter said...

That is sooooo lovely! Goodness, look at those shoes!

Lisa said...

Love it!!! You are so talented!

Matte said...

Ser jätte fint ut, Anna.

Archiknist said...

I love it! (and wouldn't it be great as a dress?)

Mona said...

Det där var så fint att du skulle kunna ha den på den fina restaurangen minsann!

essjay said...

The apron looks fantastic - you look so incredibly feminie!

Anonymous said...

You look great and tall! Love the apron on you, you should make a dress out of it.