Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thank you, Great weekend and Creative

Thanks for your sweet comments on me modelling Emmeline earlier this week! Boyfriend and I had fun taking the shots and I thought it was fun to "make something" instead of just standing still showing you the apron. Dressing up (or down - Gudinnan: Jag har faktiskt bar överkropp på den första bilden...) was fun. I love the shoes I'm wearing in the first shot, but I rarely use them as they have a 2inches high heel and I'm not too comfortable with that. And neither is boyfriend. :)

I haven't used the apron in action yet, but I hope to do so this weekend. We have tomorrow off from work (Sweden's National Day) and boyfriend and I hope to get some company for dinner. If we do, I'll definitely parade around in it when I make dessert. I've offered boyfriend to borrow it when he makes the meat, but he prefers his own male (and somewhat dull) apron...


I've been meaning to tell you what a great weekend boyfriend and I had, but I've hardly sat down by the computer in the last two days. I've had meetings back to back, and yesterday I wasn't even in the office as I booked elsewhere. Things are a bit slower today so I thought I'd give my blog an update. (Or two, as I plan on a Getting-to-know-you-post as well...)

Anyways, we had a great weekend. I can't say how many hours we spent ouside enjoying the sun and the warm temperatures. We didn't do a lot of work (read: no scrubbing algea from the garage) but read, relaxed, made out, and talked. We had dinner at a fancy restaurant downtown on Saturday night. Just because we could. We were supposed to go out for a piece of pie, a salad, or a sub. Something quick and easy. And ended up pampering ourselves instead. Just becasue we could.

We spent time at the "beach" on Sunday. Boyfriend took a swim (about three strokes) in the cold water, but I just dipped my toes in. I want my water to be warm. I don't buy in to "refreshing" swims.


I worked some on my Clapotis. And I love it! The yarn works perfectly with the pattern and the needles.

Clapotis in Manos Silk Blend

I've asked Kate to help me out with getting more hanks of Manos Silk Blend so I can make a really long scarf.


Yesterday I started cutting out fabric for my two first cushions for our couch. We have cushions in it, but these are the first two that I'm making myself. I have five planned. So far...
Remember the Give Away Bag I made a couple of months ago? I'm using that same fabric for these two cushions. And I'm making the back chocolate brown.


I've also bought fabric for making myself one of these; a Paper Grocery Bag. I ended up at IKEA again and got a black-and-white-print for the exterior and a very bold yellow-and-pink-striped one for the interior. Pictures when the progress starts. At the moment, the fabric is awaiting a ride in the washer.


clarabelle said...

The Manos silk is absolutely gorgeous for the Clapotis - great choice!

Also I love the photos of you in Emmeline - and I also noticed your shoes! I can't wear heels either, unfortunately - the last time I wore them, I tripped over and broke my big toe!

Kate said...

I'm so happy that you're enjoying the yarn! The Clapotis really looks beautiful!! I'll let you know when I get your yarn in the mail.

essjay said...

The Clapotis looks so wonderful in that yarn! That is also a cool Paper Bag pattern - I can't wait to see one finished.