Tuesday, June 17, 2008

FO - Paper Grocery Bag

Skorpan being curious. As always.

Paper Grocery Bag from Oh!Fransson

Fabrics: From IKEA. Thick curtain fabric for both the exterior and the lining. I got the cotton webbing for handles in a sewing store.

Project time: June 8th, 2008 - June 16th, 2008

Modifications: None. Unless you count using fusible interfacing for the bottom part instead of the suggested non-fusible... To be honest I didn't see any reasons for modifications when trying out the pattern. For my next ones (for there will be more of them), I'll probably add some closure for at least one of the pockets and for the bag itself; either a magnetic snap or velcro.

Thoughts: I loved making this and I love the end product!!!

Action shot outside the grocery store

There are not an awful lot of pieces to cut (a total of ten) and they are all simple rectangles. Some can be made with the fabric folded double to make it even easier.

One of the fronts of the bag

Instructions are clear and have both pictures and words to explain the different steps. This bag is constructed in a way I've never tried before. There are details I really like. The way the pocket is applied. The way the straps are applied and secured. The extra layer of fabric for the bottom that hides the bottom of the pocket and the straps, and makes the bag sturdier. How the lining is secured so it won't bunch up inside the bag. There's absolutely thought put into this design! Thanks, Elisabeth!

A fun and colourful lining to the black-and-white exterior. And plenty of room for a cat.

I did have some difficulties adding the last parts of fabric at the top of the bag. It needed edge stitching that I couldn't really get straight and tidy. I used my seam ripper once but decided to keep the seam as it was the second time around even if it was a bit wonky. For my next bag, I'll spend some time handbasting the pieces together and see if that will make it easier for me.

One side of the bag

I'm seriously thinking about making more of these bags for myself, but also make some for Christmas gifts. Who wouldn't need a Paper Grocery Bag? I've used it today and it holds a lot of a stuff. I think it'll be good for day trips to the beach as well.

I brought all of this home from the grocery store without any problem.


Kate said...

Wow, that looks great, Anna!!! The picture of you outside the grocery store makes it look like those are some heavy groceries! :)

By the way, I ended up having to get the Manos shipped to me--it should be here very soon. Then I can get it shipped off to you--I hope it arrives as quickly as your last package did! :kram:

Matte said...

Jag tycker att ni behöver äta mer ost

Anonymous said...

Great work! Looks like you brought home some major party food in that bag...mind if I stop by? lol :)


Lil D said...

That looks great. I'd imagine that people would love to get those for Christmas, too.

essjay said...

Great job! I think lots of people would find them useful as gifts.