Tuesday, June 17, 2008


...I will make a post on the Paper Grocery Bag I finished yesterday. I tried to take pictures of it in our garden but it didn't work. The lighting was wrong. And everything was damp from rain and I didn't want the bag to get too wet.

I hope for a co-operative boyfriend this afternoon when we go shopping. I'll ask him to take some action shots with me carrying the bag with actual food items stuffed inside. Or, just plain ordinary ones with the bag hanging from a branch or so.

Excited? :)


I've been working some on the wrap cardigan my brother asked for for my niece. I'm almost done with the back piece. The actual knitting is fast. I'm embarrassed it's taken me this long to get into it.

Still thinking about how to finish off the edges on the front panel. Applied I-cord along the edges?

And the ties. I think I'll buy some fancy ribbon to jazz things up a bit. She's almost always dressed in pink, but I think I'll go with something different for the ribbon. The cardigan in itself is white and I was thinking maybe purple ribbons... Or maybe white ones but chose something shiny and fancy?


I reckon I'll be done with the cardigan for my niece in a week or two. I have the striped sweater for my colleague's baby boy to finish as well. It needs seaming. And I want to wash the pieces first to keep them from shrinking strangely, puckering an already seamed sweater. I might have to use a crochet hook on that one as well to finish one of the shoulders off properly as I'm thinking about leaving it open (with a button at the end) to ease dressing and undressing the boy.

I also have Clapotis to work on. I've almost finished both hanks I have of Manos Silk Blend and then that one will be put on ice for a bit as I'm awaiting two more hanks fom the US. I want my Clapotis to be loooong.

And then I can't decide if I should focus only on Muir (to get that one over and done with) or start a Juno Regina with the Fino from Alpaca with a Twist that GeekKnitter sent me last year... Or try to alternate between the two of them.... Decisions... Decisions...


Lia said...

I can't wait to see that bag, Anna! You are so creative--I am so jealous and feel like a complete slug. I live the crafty life vicariously through you :)

Wow, you've got a lot of projects going...I don't even know how to help you there!

essjay said...

Baby things are always nice to knit - so quick! I think you should knit Juno with me - I'll be starting again in July!