Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not so worried anymore

I can bring Skorpan home this afternoon!!! I just talked to the vet's office and the girl in the reception told me they had made "contrast x-rays" that came out good and that Skorpan has been eating and drinking today.

He seems fine!!!

I hope to get a proper report when I pick him up! I sort of want to know what's been going on.


And I'm glad I keep both my cats insured for health issues. If I didn't have insurance for Skorpan, this would cost me 7800kr/US$1,300. Now I'll pay 2200kr/US$365. The insurance cost me something like 55kr/US$9 a month per cat, and I've paid it for approximately 50months. 2 * 55kr/US$9 * 50 = 5500kr/US$900. That is almost the exact amount my insurance will cover this time around. AND that's counting what I've paid in premiums for 2 cats. AND considering the fact that I've already used my insurance once for JumJum, I'm even happier with my choice to keep my cats insured.


THANK you all for your well wishes and held thumbs! :kram: Tack så mycket!


Kate said...

I'm so glad Skorpan is going to be okay!! What a relief. Kram!

Anonymous said...

When you talked about insurance, I could have sworn that you were speaking as the mother of two children. :)

Cats = Kids


essjay said...

I'm so glad he'll be okay!

brownishcoat said...

I'm so glad to hear he's going to be OK! :kram: