Thursday, June 12, 2008

These cats!

Thanks again for caring for Skorpan and his well-being. :)

I brought him home yesterday and he seemed real happy to be home. He's almost back to normal, eating the amounts the vet told me to give him, drinking water and choosing to be close to me.

JumJum on the other hand... As soon as Skorpan came home the hissing began. JumJum came up to Skorpan, sniffed him for a bit and then started hissing at poor Skropan who was just happy to be home. I guess Skorpan has picked up strange smells from the vet clinic and JumJum gets confused by it.

The hissing was still going on this morning. And guess what? JumJum refused to have his breakfast. Wasn't interested. Spit out the few pieces I put in his mouth... I isolated him the same way I did with Skorpan the other day, thinking there might be something wrong with JumJum as well. After about twenty minutes I heard him eating. Not in the same kind of gulping way as normally, as he was actually chewing, but sounds of eating made me happy.

I thought I'd try some "force therapy" so I took both cats with me and looked us up in the bathroom. JumJum started hissing at Skorpan again. I cleaned Skorpan off as well as I could with wet hands. I dried him in a towel I've been using for a coupe of days. Then I rubbed JumJum in that towel - trying to transfer and mix smells. They sniffed each other for a bit. No hissing. I opened the door and let them out from the bathroom.

I went to work. And I hope that both cats are doing well when I get home. I hope I won't find vomit on the floors or rugs (there was a big chunk this morning...). I hope they both will eat some food. And I hope there's no more hissing.

Care for holding thumbs again? :)


essjay said...

Those cats are nuts! :) I do hope that they'll be friends again by the time you get home from work. I'll be holding my thumbs!

Geek Knitter said...

Poor Skorpan... what a week he's had! Holing my thumbs some more.

Pikku- Kettu said...

I've been completely off the radar this week (damn work!) and I can't believe I missed this.

But I'm so glad that he's doing better, and I bet that it's just the weird smells and the being apart thing that's causing a bit of trouble. They'll be right as rain soon!

*holding thumbs up*