Monday, June 16, 2008

Picnic, baby and cats.

We haven't spent much time at home this weekend. We joined a picnic in a park on Saturday (and I did some knitting in public on my own on World Wide Knit in Public Day) and stayed for six hours. Came home for an hour and a half before going to friends' house for a barbeque and a football (soccer) game on TV.

Yesterday I held a baby for hours. Friends' of ours had their baby boy last weeked and yesterday we drove to their house (carrying a homemade strawberry pie with elderberry and white chocolate crumbs!) to have a look at the wonder. And to see our friends of course. :) We stayed far longer than I had anticipated. Sat outside in the sunshine and talked. When we didn't eat pie or laugh at the sleeping baby's sudden movements or funny faces.

I gave them the Baby Cardigan I finished in March. He seemed to like it! And his parents too. I like making things for people who appreciate it!

These were all good hours.

But in between, and sometimes during, I've been worried. My cats still don't eat properly. I don't know what's going on. If they bother coming to their bowls when I put food in them, they tend to just smell the food, maybe lick it for a bit and then go. Sometimes they will eat some. But not much. I've tried different foods. I've tried all their favourites; tomatoes, cheese, sweet corn, liver, mushrooms and mackerel. Nothing really works. This morning Skorpan had two pieces of cheese the size of my thumb nail and then he ate the gooey parts of a quarter of a coctail tomato. JumJum stood there for a minute smelling it before he went back to lie down.

What the %¤&# can be the problem?


essjay said...

You did have a very busy weekend and you were so social! I'm glad you had such a nice time!

I don't know what to say about your cats....I'll keep holding my thumbs that they get better. My dogs do weird things too and I just have to give it time or take them to the vet.

Anonymous said...

You sound so sweet when you talk about the baby! -Shell